FIFA 14: Additional Licensing Increases International Appeal of Video Game

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistSeptember 23, 2013

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One of the biggest challenges EA Sports has had over the years is getting a full assortment of clubs, players and other parts of football into the FIFA series. Fortunately, FIFA 14 is as good as any game in the series has ever been.

Obviously, this is a hard task compared to normal professional sports games available in the United States. A video game featuring the NBA only needs 30 teams, for example, with the NFL requiring a little more effort for 32. Still, they are all part of one league to make licensing easy.

As a result, these video games can feature any team, uniform, stadium or player likeness that they want. It is much more difficult in world football, where there are dozens of leagues in various countries.

Although things are still not perfect, FIFA 14 made some major improvements. The game's official site recently released the full list of participating leagues and clubs that will be available in the game. 

As noted by the site, the game now includes 33 leagues, over 600 clubs and over 16,000 players. This provides fans from all over the world plenty of options for the upcoming season.

At the club level, the most notable change is the addition of four South American leagues. Brazil's entire top flight league will be available, along with Liga Argentina, Campeonato Nacional Petrobras and Colombia Liga Postobón.

These are leagues that have unearthed future stars like Lionel Messi and Neymar. It also has well-known stars like Ronaldinho, who helped Atletico Mineiro to a Copa Libertadores title along with a number of other stars.

Also part of this addition is Corinthians, which was valued by Forbes as the 16th-most-valuable club in the world.

The Corinthians won the 2012 Club World Cup.
The Corinthians won the 2012 Club World Cup.Kaz Photography/Getty Images

Of course, the most important team added to this year's version is the Brazil national team. This squad has not been in the video game since 2010, but it was added just in time for it to play host in the 2014 World Cup.

Considering EA Sports has no current plans for a 2014 World Cup game, FIFA 14 might be the best thing fans get while watching the event over the summer.

People around the world will certainly want to play with one of the most exciting young teams in the world, featuring skillful young players like Neymar, Oscar and others. Fortunately, the sides were able to come to an agreement to make it happen.

A few other key additions came at the international level, including Robert Lewandowski's Poland, which could be surprise contenders this summer.

As fans continue to get excited for the World Cup, you can bet that the international features will be used more and more often. The wider variety of teams makes it as good as ever.

To make things even better, a number of stadiums were added to the newest version. This includes Barcelona's Camp Nou, which was not available last year, as well as Donbass Arena, home of Shakhtar Donetsk.

While fans want to see the most realistic game every year, that cannot be accomplished without the ability to play as their favorite team. The new game makes sure that people in football-crazy areas are not alienated.

FIFA 14 does a better job than any game before it of gaining mass appeal around the world. It takes one of the most popular sports in the world, and it puts a personal spin to not limit it to just Europe and North America.

This will help the international appeal of the video game, making it one of the most successful ever.


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