ESPN's 'SportsCenter' Debuts New 'DaDaDa' Commercial

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterSeptember 23, 2013

The SportsCenter theme music is now the new do-it-all celebration, according to a new ESPN commercial.

The network’s flagship program has released a commercial titled “DaDaDa,” playing off of SportsCenter’s unmistakable opening theme music. The spot features athletes from different sports celebrating everything from completed passes to game-winning goals by mimicking the notes from the song.

The ad starts with Bubba Watson hooking his way out of a bad lie and sharing a “dadada” moment with his caddy. From there, the commercial goes all over the place, running the gamut from lacrosse to football, hockey and more.

Yes, viewers will be treated to lacrosse and hockey in a single SportsCenter commercial. I know, I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen Patrick Kane taunt Sam Gagner with my own eyes.

The usual suspects also make their appearances.

Robert Griffin III goes “dadada” in practice with the Washington Redskins, followed by Justin Tuck and the New York Giants. Stephen Curry celebrates a big basket and even Landon Donovan gets some love.

It’s one big block party for pro and amateur athletes—a celebration of sports, with the SportsCenter theme as the uniting call to excellence.

As an advertisement, the commercial is about as well-produced and universally enticing as any recent ESPN commercial we’ve seen.

The question, however, is how corny is too corny? 

Having Russell Westbrook hashtag “#dadada” is where SportsCenter might have jumped the shark with this commercial. Everything was going relatively well until they told fans they’re planning for this to go viral among athletes. Maybe let that happen on its own. 

We’ll see if “dadada” catches on in the sports world. Until then, consider sticking with “Kobe!” or “Get some!” when you make the big play.


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