Stephen and Dell Curry Play PIG at Golden State Warriors Splash Brothers Clinic

Zach BuckleyNational NBA Featured ColumnistSeptember 23, 2013

It shouldn't be this easy for Stephen Curry to find a good shooting challenge.

The Golden State Warriors point guard has only played four seasons in the league and already holds a spot among the game's all-time great shooters. He set the all-time record for most triples made in 2012-13 with 272 while converting a sizzling 45.3 percent of his chances from downtown.

But when he's looking for some competition beyond the arc, he doesn't have to go far. A quick phone call to father Dell Curry, a sniper in his own right who spent 16 seasons in the league, is all it takes.

The father-son combo squared off in a game of P.I.G. in front of a group of fortunate basketball campers.

The elder Curry drew first blood with a simple free throw, a shot that he reminded his son "always gets him." Dad must know something about his son that the rest of us don't; the stat sheet says the younger Curry is an assassin at the foul line (career 90.1 percent). The strategy worked, though, as Stephen pushed his attempt off the back iron.

Stephen evened up the score with a jumper just inside the three-point line at the top of the key. With the rise of basketball's analytical movement, it's hard to criticize Dell for misfiring on an inefficient long two.

Dell reclaimed the lead with a buttery soft swish from the left wing, but Stephen tied the score while flashing his in-the-gym range.

Both went for the kill shot with half-court attempts, but the elder Curry reached deep into his bag of tricks to pull out a win for the old school crowd. I won't spoil the ending anymore than I already have, but let's just say the winning shot is probably not a part of Stephen's normal shooting routine.

So, should Warriors fans be panicking that their star player and dynamite scorer was outshot by a 49-year-old?

Not in the least.

Dell carved out his career on the strength of his long-range shooting. This wasn't exactly your typical 49-year-old shooter.

Besides, Stephen could stand to suffer a loss every now and again. The guy might have the golden touch from the perimeter, but it's best for him to not think that he does.

Something tells me his father won't let him forget about this loss for a while.