Jaguars vs. Seahawks: Full Roster Report Card Grades for Seattle

Keith Myers@@myersNFLContributor ISeptember 23, 2013

Jaguars vs. Seahawks: Full Roster Report Card Grades for Seattle

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    The Seattle Seahawks dominated the Jacksonville Jaguars on the order of a 45-17 blowout. The game was even more lopsided than the score suggests, as the Seahawks brought in their backups early in the third quarter. 

    Blowouts like this only happens when many different players perform well across all three phases of the game. That is certainly what happened for the Seahawks in this game. 

    The Seahawks had dominant performances from many different players. It's time to discover exactly which players qualify from this game.

    Grading Scale:

    • A's are reserved for individual players who dominated the opposition. 
    • B's are for players who played well but didn't dominate. 
    • C grades are given to players who struggled for most of the game. 
    • D's are for players who truly struggled and were occasionally dominated by the opposition. 
    • F grades are rare and reserved only for players who were completely dominated by the other team on almost every play.
    • + and - modifiers to bridge the gaps inside those definitions. 

    All stats are taken from


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    Russell Wilson: B+

    Russell Wilson rebounded from his struggles a week ago with a very nice game. He finished 14-of-21 for 202 yards and an amazing four touchdowns. 

    Keeping this from being a "A" are the two turnovers. Wilson had a fumble and an interception in this game. The Seahawks won't be able beat the league's better teams if Wilson continues to turn the ball over like this. 

    Tarvaris Jackson: A-

    Tarvaris Jackson saw his first playing time of the season in the second half. The Seahawks put Jackson in the game once the blowout was secured, and he played well.

    Jackson completed seven of his eight passes for 129 yards and a touchdown. He also added a rushing touchdown. 

    Overall Grade: A-

Running Backs

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    Marshawn Lynch: A-

    Marshawn Lynch looks both quick and powerful early in this game. His 4.1 yards per carry was also the best he's had so far this season. It would have been nice to see Lynch find the end zone in this game, as he certainly deserved the opportunity to pad his stats a bit. 

    Christine Michael: A-

    Christine Michael didn't get any touches until the blowout was secured and the starters had been pulled, but Michael made the most of his limited action. Given the level of the blocking in front of him at times, Michael's nine carries for 37 yards was quite impressive. 

    Robert Turbin: B-

    This clearly wasn't Robert Turbin's best game. His three carries only netted the Seahawks five yards, and he also failed to add any receptions. Turbin's true impact in this game was in pass blocking, where he quietly played quite well. 

Wide Receivers

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    Golden Tate: B+

    Golden Tate continued his frustrating pattern of making a few amazing plays, and then disappearing for a long stretch of the game. The Seahawks need more consistent play out of Tate.

    Sidney Rice: A-

    Sidney Rice had the best game of any of Seattle's receivers with five catches for 79 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Rice looked almost uncoverable at times, and it appears he may be finally healthy. 

    Doug Baldwin: B-

    Doug Baldwin was mostly invisible in this game until he hauled his one-handed, 35-yard touchdown from Jackson. Baldwin needs to get back to being a steady contributor like he's been in the past, especially as the quality of the opposition increases over the next couple of weeks. 

Tight Ends

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    Zach Miller: A-

    Zach Miller had just two catches, but both were touchdowns. After that, he settled in for a day of helping the offensive line block, and he did very well.

    Luke Willson: B+

    Luke Willson has showed his inexperience at times so far this season, but he rose above that this week with some impressive play. He had five catches, which tied for the team lead, and his 76 yards was a new personal best. Willson also chipped in with some decent but imperfect blocking.

    Kellen Davis: B

    Kellen Davis played very little until the Seahawks pulled Miller in the second half. He showed some solid blocking once he got on the field and also managed to add in a pair of receptions for 31 yards. 

Offensive Line

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    Pass Blocking: C+

    The pass blocking was better this week, but it still left much to be desired. Wilson still took too many hits. With J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans up next week, the pass blocking must improve if the Seahawks are going to be able to move the ball consistently. 

    Run Blocking: B

    It wasn't always pretty, but the run block got the job done against the Jaguars. While there were still a few busted plays that went nowhere, there were also plenty of running lanes for the backs to run through. 

    Overall Grade: B-

Defensive Ends

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    Chris Clemons: B

    Chris Clemons might deserve an A just for getting back on the field only nine months have his ACL injury. Clemons looked explosive at times, but he also looked rusty. His play should improve over the next few weeks.

    Cliff Avril: B+

    Cliff Avril was able to get semi-consistent pressure off the edge, but he was never able to get it to pay off with a sack. It'll be interesting to see if Avril's productivity drops off as he loses snaps to Clemons over the next few weeks. 

    Red Bryant: A-

    Red Bryant has a knack for dominating while not showing up on the stat sheet. His style means he rarely gets pressure on the QBs. His job against the run is to eat up blocks and close off running lanes, allowing the linebackers to free access to get tackles. He did all of that here, right up until he had to leave the game with back spasms. 

Defensive Tackles

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    Brandon Mebane: B+

    Brandon Mebane had a quiet game with just three tackles, but he was key is preventing the Jaguars' running game from getting on track. 

    Michael Bennett: A

    Michael Bennett's inside pass-rush skills have been a huge part of Seattle's defensive success. That wasn't any different this week. His 1.5 sacks were just a small part of his contribution. He was an incredibly disruptive force on the inside of the line in this game. 

    Tony McDaniel: B+

    Tony McDaniel's six tackles are more than you'll usually see from from defensive tackle. He dominated at times, but he also struggled at others. The Seahawks need McDaniel to become more consistent as the schedule gets tougher. 

    Clinton McDonald: A-

    For a guy whom the Seahawks cut after the preseason and spent all of Week 1 out of the league, Clinton McDonald is having an incredible season so far. He added 1.5 sacks in this game and was a consistent source of pressure on the QB. It's too bad that he hasn't found a way to also be productive against the run. 


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    Bobby Wagner: A

    His pass breakups and the diving interception will make the highlight reel, but Bobby Wagner's true impact in this game was against the run. His nine tackles led all Seattle defenders, and he was a huge part of keeping the Jaguars' running game bottled up. 

    K.J. Wright: B+ 

    It was an unusually quiet game for K.J. Wright on the stat sheet with just three tackles. Wright was solid and disciplined in his assignments, but he didn't flash anything that would warrant a higher grade. 

    O'Brien Schofield: B

    O'Brien Schofield has moved back to his natural position after having covered at defensive end for a few weeks while the Seahawks dealt with injuries at the position. Schofield looked almost rusty at times, and he looked strong and aggressive at others. It'll be interesting to see what the Seahawks do with him once Bruce Irvin returns. 

    Mike Morgan: C+

    Mike Morgan is one of the few Seattle defenders who didn't play well. His performance in this game might help make the decision easier for the front office when it's time to create a roster spot for the suspended Irvin. 


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    Richard Sherman: A

    Richard Sherman lived up to his reputation as the NFL's premier cover corner. Chad Henne very rarely even looked in Sherman's direction, and with good reason. The only downside to Sherman's play is that he was in position for a clear interception and didn't make the play. Other than that, it was business as usual for the All-Pro. 

    Brandon Browner: B

    Brandon Browner came on in nickel situations, pushing Walter Thurmond inside to the slot receiver. Browner showed very few signs of rust and was very solid when he was on the field. 

    Walter Thurmond: A-

    Thurmond got the start even though Browner was healthy and available at the start of the game. He showed why early in the game with suffocating coverage on the outside. 

    Byron Maxwell: B-

    Byron Maxwell did not live up to the standard he set for himself over the previous two games. While his coverage was good at times, there were also plays where he struggled to stay with his receiver. 


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    Earl Thomas: B+

    It's tough to dominate when not given the chance. The Jaguars ran very few plays in this game where Earl Thomas had a chance to contribute. It was clear that they were trying to stay away from Seattle's Pro-Bowl free safety.

    Kam Chancellor: A-

    Kam Chancellor spent much of this game either clogging running lanes or chasing tight ends in coverage. He did both very well and ended up with an interception.

Special Teams

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    Steven Hauschka: A-

    Steven Hauschka remained perfect on the year, adding a field goal and six extra points. His kickoffs were as deep in this game as in the first two games of the season, but he still only had six out of eight kicks go for touchbacks. 

    John Ryan: B-

    While the partially blocked punt was not entirely John Ryan's fault, he needs to do a better job of getting those punts off a little quicker. 

    Coverage Teams: A-

    The punt coverage team has to take partial credit for yet another blocked punt, but otherwise these units were dominant. Jacksonville's two punt returns combined for negative-one yards. It's tough to ask for anything more than that. 

    Return Teams: B+

    Perhaps everyone has been spoiled by his electric punt returns in Weeks 1 and 2, but Tate's eight-yard average in this game just failed to excite. Overall, the return units were unspectacular but solid.