FIFA 14: Liga BBVA Presentation Is a Highlight of Gaming Experience

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 23, 2013

image from FIFA 14
image from FIFA 14

When Real Madrid and FC Barcelona meet, it is special. It is one of the most storied rivalries in sports and is affectionately known as El Clasico. EA Sports understands that and when games are presented between the two, the visual and audio presentation is tailored to give it the epic matchup it is due.

The commentators make consistent references to the rivalry and there are cool overlays at the beginning of the match. Take a look at this gameplay video that shows off the the Liga BBVA matchup. This is a CPU vs. CPU encounter simulated without interruption to show off the presentation value.

El Clasico isn’t the only La Liga matchup that gets special treatment.

EA Sports utilizes its ESPN license whenever La Liga clubs battle each other. We can sometimes forget that EA has a deal with ESPN because evidence of it only appears within the FIFA and NCAA Football series.

There is still room for more usage of the license, but the impact is still felt as the brand doesn’t appear in other instances of the game. As an extra-added bonus, the in-game commentary is very La Liga oriented. As is the case with all league games, you’ll hear scoring updates from other La Liga games happening at the same time as your match.

Martin Tyler and Alan Smith do a great job incorporating transfer talk from your career experience as well.

In my career with Real Madrid, newly-acquired Isco is the subject of a pre-match spiel from Tyler. His debut is consistently referenced throughout the match and is appropriately woven into the developing storyline in the game.

These types of additions can be overlooked at times, but in the midst of a career on FIFA 14, these details are the difference between an immersive experience that keeps you eager to advance, and one that grows stale after a few matches.


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