UFC 165 Results: 5 Most Memorable Moments from Toronto

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2013

UFC 165 Results: 5 Most Memorable Moments from Toronto

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    Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

    UFC 165 delivered everything fight fans crave. 

    Slick submissions, brutal knockouts, high stakes and controversy were well represented Saturday evening, leaving viewers with an abundance of post-fight discussion material. 

    We saw an invincible champion nearly toppled. 

    We witnessed another entrant to the "best spinning kick knockout of 2013" competition. 

    Multiple fighters were choked unconscious. 

    Was the main event the Fight of the Year

    With so many storylines emerging from the event, let us sift through the aftermath and determine which five moments we'll remember for years to come. 

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Oh No He Didn't

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    Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

    Oh, but he did. 

    Alexander Gustafsson took Jon Jones down, marking the first time the champion was planted on his butt at the hands of his opponent in his UFC career. 

    This is unbelievable, and it is even more unexpected considering Gustafsson's relative inexperience in the grappling department. 

    Combined with multiple takedown defenses (Gustafsson stopped 10 out of 11 of Jones' attempts), Gustafsson's overall wrestling improvements stick out when assessing UFC 165 in hindsight. 

Easy, Chris, Easy!

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    Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

    Chris Clements and Melvin Guillard need to start a "falls oddly when rocked" fan club (they can work on the name later). 

    Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, Clements' opponent, landed a nasty left-right, left-hook combination that sent Clements to the canvas in awkward, borderline hilarious fashion. 

    OK, it was pretty hilarious

    Somehow, Clements recovered from this brief stanky-leg exhibition, but his determination was for nothing, as Wonderboy cracked him again with a crisp combination that put him out for good

Sleep Tight, My Precious

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    Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

    UFC 165 saw two fighters retire to an early slumber on the Octagon floor. 

    First, Mitch Gagnon snagged a beautiful arm-in guillotine choke that left Dustin Kimura unconscious within seconds. 

    Then, Brendan Schaub caught The Ultimate Fighter castmate Matt Mitrione with a slick D'Arce choke that put "Meathead" to rest and ended the fight in Round 1. 

    These submissions were beautifully executed, and the fact that each resulted in unconsciousness makes them that much more memorable. 

My Head Is Spinning...or Was That You?

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    Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

    Renan Barao crushed interim-bantamweight title challenger Eddie Wineland with a spinning back kick early in Round 2, halting the fight and securing his second title defense. 

    Anytime a spinning attack lands and ends a fight, it's memorable. These techniques are risky and require a high level of skill and expert timing to pull off, so Barao's pinpoint attempt deserves praise. 

    While Dominick Cruz is technically still the 135-pound division's king, Barao is making Cruz's name easier and easier to forget with each successful outing. 

Fight of the Year

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    Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

    The main event at UFC 165 was entirely memorable. 

    Gustafsson's improvements were extraordinary, and he pushed the previously untouchable champion to the brink of defeat before fading in the later rounds. 

    Still, few light heavyweight fights—let alone title fights—contained the drama and excellence of this matchup, making this a truly phenomenal example of all that is appealing about MMA. 

    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Fight of the Year front-runner: Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson.