NBA 2K14: Features That Will Allow Video Game to Shine

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2013


LeBron James graces the cover of NBA 2K14. It makes sense for the sport's biggest star to receive the honor, as the series has continued to make steady improvements in recent years, further establishing it as the preeminent basketball video game with the next generation on the horizon.

The latest edition continues that trend. With a good blend of stalwart features that gamers have come to enjoy from past versions and some new additions, NBA 2K14 should have little trouble raising the bar once again like fans of the series have come to except.

Knowing that, let's check out some of the features that should allow the game to stand out once again. It should also get gamers even more excited about what could be in store when the next generation of consoles arrives.


Path to Greatness Mode

Nobody knows what the future holds for LeBron. He's hitting his peak after winning a couple of NBA titles and an Olympic gold medal over the past few years, but plenty of decisions are on the horizon that will ultimately decide his lasting legacy.

In the new version of Path to Greatness Mode, gamers can help write that future, deciding whether James should stay in Miami and chase more championships with the Heat or head to New York to revitalize the Knicks' fanbase. Or they can even help to control his quest by building the team around him.

The wait to see how LeBron's future plays out is going to take many years. NBA fans who don't have the patience to watch every step can fire up NBA 2K14 and determine his best course of action for themselves, and it should be an interesting journey.


Crew Mode

One of the most important things for video games with yearly releases to have is modes that keep the game fresh. After a while, playing seasons offline or basic games online can become dull, which is where the return of Crew Mode should help.

Taking on more of a pickup game feel, the mode allows gamers to build their crew and do something different. Games are up to 21 and take place in a unique environment rather than simply in an arena somewhere. It's more like a playground atmosphere.

From there, it's all about putting together the best crew possible in what should quickly become a pretty competitive mode. That pickup aspect brings a level of realism to the table and should serve as a nice alternative to normal games.


Gameplay Upgrades

The gameplay was already solid after many years of tweaks and it didn't need a total makeover. So the developers made some subtle changes that should improve the quality of play without losing the strong base that was already in place.

Updated dribbling controls that allow for more realistic drives and fast breaks, along with the ability to make a quick dish to open teammates, will help. So will the more physical play between players like an actual NBA game.

Perhaps an underrated aspect will be the changes involving the ball, which should make defending more fun. Since defenders can now deflect the ball or tip it away, instead of players being able to complete pinpoint passes with ease, it should make the game more well-rounded overall.