Jones vs. Gustafsson: Reliving Pivotal Moments from UFC 165 Main Event

Andrew Saunders@SaundersMMACorrespondent IISeptember 22, 2013

Jones vs. Gustafsson: Reliving Pivotal Moments from UFC 165 Main Event

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    Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson was supposed to be a breeze for the champion. Right? Apparently not.

    Jones was a 9-to-1 favorite to successfully defend his belt, but that didn't prevent he and challenger Gustafsson from turning in one of the closest and most exciting fights in light heavyweight history.

    On Saturday night, the UFC gave fans an incredible main event that will be talked about for a long time. Let's take a look at some of the pivotal moments from the UFC 165 main event.

Jon Jones Can't Score Takedowns in Round 1

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    The wrestling of Jon Jones was considered to be his biggest advantage going into this contest. After all, Alexander Gustafsson is a talented striker who cuts excellent angles and puts together combinations opponents struggle with.

    The first shocking moment of this fight was watching Gustafsson shutting down not one, but three takedown attempts from the champion.

    With Gustafsson training with Phil Davis at Alliance MMA, it is clear to see that the Swede has worked tirelessly on his defensive wrestling.

Alexander Gustafsson Takes Down Jon Jones

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    Heading into Saturday night's card, Jon Jones held a 100 percent success rate in defending takedowns. Apparently that was not a concern of Alexander Gustafsson heading into his title fight.

    Jones hit the canvas hard in the first round with "The Mauler" on top. It was a moment that told the champion that he was not fighting a one-dimensional opponent.

Jon Jones Eyelid Cut on a Grazing Strike

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    The first round of UFC 165's main event gave fans concern that the action might be cut short. That occurred when a grazing blow from Alexander Gustafsson sliced the right eye of champion Jon Jones.

    Those familiar with Vitor Belfort's UFC title win over Randy Couture know exactly how tragic this could have been and watched the remainder of the fight with baited breath.

Jones Finally Scores a Takedown in Round 5

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    Heading into the final round, Jon Jones had gone 0-for-9 on takedown attempts. It illustrated that Alexander Gustafsson is considerably better than Vegas oddsmakers had made him out to be.

    In the final round, Jones finally secured the takedown that he had wanted. Not only was it good for him on the scorecards, but it was important for "Bones" mentally that he found the ability to dictate the fight's location.

Jones Unleashes Several Head Kicks in Round 5

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    Shortly after Alexander Gustafsson was able to return to his feet, the light heavyweight's best fighters put on a stellar display of their ability to absorb damage.

    Not only was Gustafsson able to remain standing through a head kick from the champion, but rather from a series of the devastating attacks.

    Fans knew this fight was going to be close heading into the scorecards, so watching an exhausted Swede eating a deadly barrage of attacks in the bouts final minute was breathtaking.