Ranking the NBA's Sickest Signature Shoes Entering 2013-14 Season

Matthew SchmidtFeatured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2013

Ranking the NBA's Sickest Signature Shoes Entering 2013-14 Season

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    Who has the best kicks entering the 2013-14 season?
    Who has the best kicks entering the 2013-14 season?Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    The 2013-14 NBA season is closing in fast, and that can only mean one thing. OK, it means quite a few things, most of which are much more important than what we're about to discuss, but with every new season comes...new signature shoes.

    It's perfect timing, too, as these sneakers are released right around the time kids go back to school, and we all know how many kids want to emulate their favorite NBA players by donning their kicks.

    With all of the new signature shoes being released, it's time to rank which ones are the best and which ones are most worth your money.

    The sneakers will be ranked on standard criteria such as color schemes, shape, how the tongue/tops look, comfort, etc.

5. Li-Ning Way of Wade 2

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    Photo courtesy of Kicks on Fire
    Photo courtesy of Kicks on FireMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    Dwyane Wade may not be the dominant superstar he once was, but his shoe game is still as proper as ever.

    His newest kicks, the Li-Ning Way of Wade 2, may be his sharpest sneakers yet.

    The red and yellow color scheme is great, and the sides of the shoes contain a nice metallic yellow at the bottom. Plus, while the tops of the sneakers are not extraordinarily high, they look as if they will provide solid protection for Wade out on the floor.

    For the Li-Ning Way of Wade 2, however, it's more about the style. These sneakers simply look awesome.

4. Nike Zoom KD V

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    Photo courtesy of Nike.com
    Photo courtesy of Nike.com

    The Nike Zoom KD Vs may look a bit plain, but they really are a fine pair of sneakers.

    The shoes are very conducive to Kevin Durant's explosive style of play, as they are appropriately cushioned and are both flexible and stable enough to support the foot. Sometimes, kicks are made so flexible that stability is sacrificed. That is not the case with the Nike Zoom KD Vs.

    The best color scheme is the light blue with the white Nike swoosh and metallic orange as the secondary color. It seems to be the sharpest.

    That said, you can, of course, customize the sneakers however you want them.

3. D Rose 4s

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    Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated Point Forward
    Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated Point Forward

    The D Rose 4s were just unveiled Sunday, and these shoes look sick.

    The black and red color scheme is extremely sleek, and the very high tops should offer Derrick Rose enough security to regain his aggressive level of play out on the floor. You can be sure these sneakers were designed specifically to prevent another injury to Rose, so that must mean they are great kicks to own.

    You also have to love the silver on the back and on the bottom.

    The D Rose 4 is absolutely a shoe to consider making your next footwear purchase. 

2. Adidas D Howard 4

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    Photo courtesy of Sneaker Report
    Photo courtesy of Sneaker Report

    Adidas has always been able to craft consistently solid shoes, and the new D Howard 4s are no different.

    There is a yellow, orange and blue version of the sneaker, but the best-looking version is certainly the red and white ones he wore at his introductory press conference with the Houston Rockets.

    The kicks are not the least bit gaudy, and while the tops are not all that high, they should still offer good protection for the ankles.

    Apparently, the spiral design on the shoes represents Dwight Howard's style of play in which he circles the paint to block shots and grab rebounds. Whatever the purpose for the design may be, it looks great, giving Howard one of the best current pairs of signature sneakers in the NBA.

1. Air Jordan V Melo

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    Photo courtesy of Kicks on Fire
    Photo courtesy of Kicks on Fire

    There really isn't much to not like about Carmelo Anthony's new sneaker.

    They look comfortable and sturdy, and the orange, blue and gray color scheme is just awesome. The shoes look like they provide ample support for the ankles (and the foot as a whole), as the tops are high and pretty thick, and the tongue rides up enough to where it protects the top of the foot.

    There is nothing particularly fancy about the Air Jordan V Melo. There is no eclectic, metallic color scheme and there are no straps, just laces. Still, the orange certainly makes the shoe stand out, so those who are into flashier kicks may want to grab a pair of these anyway.

    The verdict is in: Anthony has the best signature sneakers for 2013-14.