NBA 2K14: Analyzing Changes to My Team Mode

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 22, 2013

image from NBA 2K14 Trailer
image from NBA 2K14 Trailer

The Ultimate Team craze with EA Sports games helped to influence several aspects of the sports video game genre.

One example of this was the creation of My Team for the NBA 2K series. It debuted in NBA 2K13. Conceptually, it was very similar to Ultimate Team in that it combined collectibles and the fantasy draft concept. Instead of cards, My Team used figurines to individualize itself from its predecessor in the theme.

In NBA 2K14, the developers have taken the concept to another level. Employing various new features designed to make My Team stand out. Here’s a developer diary discussing the new features.


What About My Friends?

Finding friends online was a bit difficult in NBA 2K13.

That issue helped to spawn the Play With Friends feature. Sometimes things as simple as playing friends online in every mode of a game is an option that we take for granted. When gamers weren’t able to do that in My Team, it became a sore spot.

As usual, the developers of the NBA 2K series listened to the community and made the proper adjustments on this front.

In addition to being able to challenge your friends' My Team lineup, gamers will also be able to track their records and statistics on a mode-specific leaderboard. It is always nice to know where you stack up and leaderboards provide you the appropriate data.



image from NBA 2K14 Trailer
image from NBA 2K14 Trailer

Expanding the ways to play My Team was a great idea. In NBA 2K13, the only options were Road to Playoffs against a human opponent or the CPU. This was cool for a while, but it didn’t offer a ton of replay value. That was the case especially if you didn’t take the time to upgrade your squad on a regular basis. 

This year, tournaments arranged in ascending order by color give gamers a wide variety of options to play. As the video mentions, bronze tournaments will allow only bronze-level players, silver would allow only silver-level players and so on. 

The fact that 2K gave each tournament specific parameters adds needed direction. It also evens the playing field for gamers who haven’t acquired as much virtual currency to purchase top-rated stars.

Another excellent addition is the ability to play your favorites team’s schedule with your My Team. It is a great way to connect your My Team with the real NBA. 



I love customizing teams.

In my opinion, one of things missing from almost all sports games is the ability to customize uniforms, logos, etc. This option is mentioned in the video, but it remains to be seen just how deep that customization goes.


Looking Ahead to the Review

Stay tuned for a full review of NBA 2K14 on Sept. 24. I’ll take a deep dive into the game and let you know the ends and outs.


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