Judging WWE's Judgment Day

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMay 18, 2009

Hey everyone! Last night Judgment Day took place. I liked some of it, I questioned some of it. And for some parts, I just thought it was terrible. I'm going to review it now. At the end of each, I'm either going the give it a thumbs up, a thumbs down, or alright. So here we go!


Santino/Miz Segment

Why? My only question is why? Miz was trash talking Alfonso Soriano (also, why was the Miz even here?) when Santino came out to defend him because he thought Alfonso Soriano sounded Italian. The Miz beats him up and Chavo comes out and gives him a tadpole splash. 

Honestly, some of you may have found this funny, but I didn't. It was a waste of time.

Result: Thumbs Down


Morrison vs. Benjamin

Despite the fact that AkD probably hated this match because Morrison won, this match lived up to hype. Both Benjamin and Morrison were at the top of their game. These are two of the best pure wrestlers in the WWE and they looked like it. It was honestly the best match of the night (in my opinion). John Morrison's high-flying ability and Benjamin's in-ring ability really made this match as great as it was.

Result: BIG Thumbs Up


Umaga vs. CM Punk

This was an OK match. This is the second straight pay-per-view where Punk lost. It's also the second straight pay-per-view where he lost to a monster (Umaga and Kane).

I think this streak might continue for a while until he finally wins at the pay-per-view and cashes in MITB later that night. Their overall performances were pretty good. It was Umaga's return to the WWE. He was MIA yet again. I really don't know why the WWE would take Umaga out of action.

Maybe there are some issues with his family. Or maybe they just can't recognize the talent that is Umaga.

Result: Alright


Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho

Overall, I liked the match, but I do question the WWE's decision to leave the title with Mysterio. I mean the ITC clearly is Chris Jericho's. I think after all that has happened to him on SmackDown so far he deserved that title. I guess the WWE disagreed.

I do hope that Jericho will be taking over SmackDown soon. Maybe starting with the ITC title and then moving on to the World Title. As for Rey Mysterio, this win may help him become a main-eventer again. My final thoughts on this are that Jericho should've won.

Result: Alright


ECW Championship: Christian(c) vs. Swagger

Their performances were OK, but my issues with this were that we will hear more complaining from Swagger. Sorry, Jack, but I only listen to complaints from Jericho. Jack Swagger complaining is just something I don't want to hear. He's going to be like, "Oh, you were holding my trunk, that's cheating!"

At least add something to it to make it sound better like what Jericho does. On the plus side, Christian looked pretty good in the ring and in the end he did walk out champ.

Result: Alright


Cena vs. Big Show

Well, Mr. Judgment Day did it again. If I am correct, Cena is still undefeated at Judgment Day (I might be wrong, though). Once again, we got to see Cena do the impossible and that's lift Big Show. Only two people have done that recently and those are Cena (of course I just said it) and Batista (no surprise). I'm pretty sure Khali did it too.

Cena looked great out there. Even though I was against this feud at first, I'm for it now. This is the first non-title feud Cena has had in a while and it's looking pretty good so far. There's only one issue here, keep the Miz out of this. Big props to Big Show, too; he looked in top form.

Result: Thumbs Up


World Heavyweight Championship: Edge(c) vs. Jeff Hardy

For the main event, in my opinion, it was a let down. I mean, Matt Hardy interfering? I thought this feud was over. So you're going to resume the brother vs. brother feud now? Or you just used Matt because you felt like it? (Sigh)

WWE hit a new level of stupidity. Well, not really stupidity, but ignorance(which is similar). I do hope the WWE stops with this jealous Matt Hardy angle. I also hope that Jeff will have another world title opportunity in the near future, as it looks like his career is coming to an end, and I think it's something he deserves before he leaves.

I did like the performances of the superstars in this match, but that still doesn't make up for the horrible ending.

Result: Thumbs down


WWE Champion: Randy Orton(c) vs. Batista

This match was pretty good overall. The fact that this match ended with Orton slapping the referee to get DQ'ed was a let down, but you can't take away from the amazing performances of the two superstars. Batista is still keeping it together after that injury. He hasn't hit that ring rust yet and he continues to impress.

I was really impressed on Monday Night Raw with the spear he hit on Ted DiBiase. Orton was also in top form. In the end, when Legacy attacked Batista, Ric Flair of all people showed up to help him. This is great because with Triple H returning soon, it can be Legacy vs. Evolution. In the ring it will be two (HHH and Batista) vs. three (Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase).

If Ric Flair will be involved, he will probably be the manager for them. He will be involved in brawls, though, probably against the weakest link known as Ted DiBiase.

Anyway, I think this is the start of something brilliant. Wow, I just noticed something: The WWE was brilliant for once—now there's a shock.

Result: BIG Thumbs Up 

*Feel free to disagree with me in the comments.*