England: Wayne Rooney Possible Captain for the Future

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IApril 15, 2008

The new England manager Fabio Capello, today acknowledged the possibility of Wayne Rooney becoming the England captain sometime in the future.

He believes that Rooney needs more time to mature just yet but reckons that Wayne is the best at everything in play and his manner on and off the pitch is constantly improving, the only things that seem to go against him at present, are his age and his rash temper but these will change as he grows and matures, in the next few years.

He seemed to like Rooney's leadership qualities, he also said that the captains role will be changing over the next few matches, even though Rio Ferdinand wore the skipper's armband last time, it doesn't mean he will next time, it seems to be a guessing game at the moment, most probably designed to keep most of the England squad on their toes and not get complacent, which let's face it, aint a bad thing really.

I said in a previously article, Wayne Rooney would make a good Captain for the national side and I hope in the fullness of time he will get that role but in the mean time, who will be captain?

Any ideas?