WWE Battleground 2013: What to Expect from PPV's Debut

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IISeptember 21, 2013

All photos courtesy WWE.com
All photos courtesy WWE.com

WWE’s brand-new Battleground pay-per-view will debut on October 6, but where will the company take its key storylines at the new event?

WWE's creative team is on a veritable hot streak with their program featuring the tyrannical McMahon family, which will likely see important story progression at Battleground.

The story just gets better week after week, as it develops slowly to what will surely be a huge payoff.

But that’s not the only big thing going on right now. Paul Heyman has found himself some much-needed muscle in Ryback.

The following are some of our predictions as to what Battleground will mean for these and other angles.


Randy Orton Will Reclaim the WWE Championship

The punt kick cometh?
The punt kick cometh?

The feud between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton got even more intense on the most recent edition of Raw.

The Viper was berated by Stephanie McMahon for not being vicious enough, prompting him to transform into super-Orton, demolishing The Miz later that night.

Meanwhile, Bryan is managing to build more and more momentum each week. More fans are buying his shtick, while the WWE roster is now getting behind him on-screen.

The problem is, this whole story ends when Bryan wins the WWE title, and it’s particularly damning for Orton if he loses to him two PPVs in a row.

Of course, Orton’s win won’t be clean.

The much-teased Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H match needs to take place prior to Bryan’s WWE title win.

Expect The Game to interfere, leading to a faceoff between he and Bryan at Hell in a Cell. That leaves November’s Survivor Series as the perfect platform for Bryan to finally and properly win the big one.


CM Punk vs. Ryback Won’t End Clean

Brock Lesnar? Close enough.
Brock Lesnar? Close enough.

A match between CM Punk and Ryback has yet to be announced, but it would be astonishing if a faceoff between the two didn’t happen at Battleground.

The backstage bully is officially an unofficial Paul Heyman guy after the events at Night of Champions, which puts him in the direct line of fire from CM Punk—injury and all.

Fans will recall the two Superstars first met at last year’s Hell in a Cell event, so it makes sense that the climax to their current rivalry would end in the same structure.

Battleground takes place on October 6, but three weeks later is WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. The timing couldn’t be better.

The Second City Saint hasn’t won a PPV match since his epic return bout with Chris Jericho at Payback, making it particularly unlikely that he’ll suffer a decisive loss at Battleground.

Expect a disqualification or draw finish that will give them a reason to battle each other within Satan’s Structure.   


The Members of the Shield Will Lose Their Titles

There's justice to be served...
There's justice to be served...

The United States and Tag Team Championships have meant next to nothing ever since the respective members of The Shield won them at Extreme Rules.

It’s not because Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose aren’t big enough names—it’s actually the exact opposite.

Dean Ambrose is a member of The Shield first and U.S. champion second, and the same goes for Rollins, Reigns and the Tag Team titles. Most of their television time comes from their being Triple H’s henchmen, not because they hold WWE gold.

Battleground should see Dolph Ziggler defeat Dean Ambrose for the U.S. Championship in what could be a great match.

Meanwhile, The Usos earned a shot at the Tag Team Championships this week on Raw. It’s time for them to get the biggest win of their careers by finally scoring an upset over The Hounds of Justice.