Full Predictions for Ryback After Teaming Up with Paul Heyman

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistSeptember 23, 2013

Full Predictions for Ryback After Teaming Up with Paul Heyman

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    As Night of Champions came to close, and the WWE Universe cheered with joy at Daniel Bryan becoming WWE champion, one story was swept quietly under the rug.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Ryback is a Paul Heyman guy.

    As shocking as it sounded, the Big Guy came to Heyman’s rescue during his encounter with CM Punk and established himself as the newest in a line of roadblocks set up between the Straight Edge Superstar and his former best friend.

    A lot is expected from Ryback now that he has firm leadership from Heyman, and he must deliver on all the hype. But there are several ways that Ryback’s run could go, not all of which bode well for the Superstar from Sin City.

He Will Quickly Challenge for a World Title

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    With Heyman in his corner, there is really no telling what the limit on Ryback’s success could be.

    Heyman has failed somewhat in his quest to make Curtis Axel a huge star despite the fact that Axel has now held the Intercontinental title for more than three months; however, in fairness, he has yet to face a legitimate threat.

    Ryback has failed in every attempt to secure any title in the company thus far, but with Heyman guiding his career, that could change rapidly.

    As of now, the WWE title picture is somewhat murky, as Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton are currently at war over the coveted prize. And while it is true that World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio is a fellow heel, the two could still put on a brutal contest that would leave the WWe Universe reeling from the sheer intensity of seeing it.

    In any event, it stands to reason that with Heyman at his side, Ryback could easily attain a huge push, which may lead to increased title opportunities.

His Status Will Stay the Same

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    Ryback has been stuck in a strange position of late.

    Once touted as a sincere main event player, he has fallen off of that track over the past several months and been relegated to backstage segments where he bullies helpless bystanders or placed in matches against unbelievably overmatched opponents.

    Even with Heyman’s presence and his guidance, it is still very possible that Ryback will not indeed rule. He may actually simply stay as the lower midcard heel that he has been for as long as most in the WWE Universe can remember.

He Will Immediately Feud with CM Punk

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    This scenario seems the most likely, as Ryback interrupted Punk’s match against Heyman at Night of Champions.

    Punk presents a stylistic issue for Ryback, as his fast-paced and hard-hitting style has led to multiple victories over for him in the past. Ryback’s endurance has been an issue in the past as well, as he tends to look tired or winded in matches that go longer than a few minutes.

    Winning squash matches is one of his best skills, which he will not be able to do against Punk.

    However, now that Heyman is firmly in the corner of his newest client, the tables may turn greatly in favor of Ryback.

Ryback May Finally Be Run out of WWE

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    Other than Heyman’s presence, Ryback offers little to the WWE Universe that others cannot fulfill.

    His dominating physical nature could easily be filled by any member of the Wyatt Family or even Roman Reigns. His bullying persona could be taken up by any heel wrestler on the roster.

    Even his sloppy ring work cannot be ignored, as World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio does the same thing.

    Company brass seems high on Ryback, as they continue to give him multiple pushes, but at what point do they finally smarten up and realize that there is no keeping this sinking ship afloat?