WWE Worst of the Week: Dusty Rhodes, Triple H and More

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WWE Worst of the Week: Dusty Rhodes, Triple H and More
Photos via wwe.com and jacidawn.com.

WWE Worst of the Week doesn't hold any titles, but just like Natalya, it's a born champion.

For those who didn't spend their hard-earned money on Grand Theft Auto V, you got to watch WWE's most lackluster pay-per-view of the year. That money probably would have been better spent in San Andreas. 

We then saw the fallout of Night of Champions, and to the surprise of no one, Daniel Bryan was stripped of the title. Luckily, he'll get another chance at Battleground. Please insert another $50 to see him win the title again, but this time WWE means it!

With conspiratorial refs, Miz's dad and Paul Heyman giving Ryback the smooch heard around the world, we had a lot to digest this week.  

Let's not wait any longer. Let's sort through it all and uncover WWE's worst of the week.

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