Four Things We Learned From The New York Mets Uniform Survey

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Four Things We Learned From The New York Mets Uniform Survey

Now that we've seen the survey that the Mets have issued, I think we can make a few assumptions.

1.   I think the black uniform era is almost over.   Why have the survey unless you're thinking of changing things?

2.  Expect to see a new previously never seen uniform in 2010.   As I wrote here an important part of this is the merchandising.  If you've sold everyone a black Mets jersey, why not sell them a new look like the one on the left?  I had some ideas which you can look at.  The Mets won't just go pinstripes and classic-road jerseys.  If the black disappears it will be replaced by something else.

3.  Expect the snow white to continue to be the dominant jersey.   Reading the survey you notice the "snow white" jersey look, and pinstripe-less variants are much more apparent than the pinstriped variety.   There are many battles to fight, and I will surrender on pinstripes if it means that black leaves.

4.   The Mets are reading the blogs.    Maybe it's not this blog, but the they are reading somebody's.  The questions asked seemed specifically about the black uniforms.  That's not a newspaper column topic or even a WFAN topic.   That's sites like this and Uni Watch and whoever else I am forgetting.  It's also folks like you who post comments on all the boards and blogs, proving to the Mets this is more than the opinion of one fat guy with a lap top.  The question about the bridge is also a bloggers topic.

At the end of the day I am thrilled that they did this survey.  It shows that they actually care what the fans think, and actually pay attention to what we say.   Now you guys might all vote for black uniforms and calling the bridge Amazin' Alley, and that's if what everyone decides, I'm fine with it - because it will be the fans who decided, not some yahoos in marketing.

Well done Mets!

I'd be curious to know how everyone else voted, or would vote if they had received the survey.  Click comments because after all, it looks like they are reading the Mets Police after all.

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