Triple H Could Have One More WWE Championship Reign in Heel Authority Role

Jamie WestAnalyst IIISeptember 20, 2013


Triple H is a 13-time world champion, having won the WWE Championship eight times and the World Heavyweight title on five different occasions.

Despite having not held a championship since his last run with the industry's most prestigious belt in early 2009, the current heel authority character is probably Hunter's best and his only realistic chance to hold a world championship for a 14th time.

Certainly, WWE is not beyond thrusting the championship onto part-time Superstars. Although a bigger draw than the WWE's COO, The Rock returned to hold the WWE Championship from this year's Royal Rumble until WrestleMania 29, only wrestling on pay-per-views during the reign. If Triple H were to have one more run, he could appear at house shows and live events due to his full-time WWE schedule. 

Moreover, more outlandish things have happened in the WWE title scene: In 1999, Mr. McMahon himself held the WWE title for a short period of time. Triple H is not only the authority figure that McMahon was, but as a genuine wrestler, he's a believable champion, especially given his recent, albeit infrequent, performances against the likes of Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker.

One has to assume that the current feud between the "face of the WWE" Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan is building toward an encounter between Bryan and "The Game." If this is indeed the case, why not throw the WWE Championship into the mix.

Even if Triple H were to fail in taking the title from Bryan in a clean contest, it would be interesting to see Triple H insert himself into the WWE title picture if Randy Orton continues to fail to get the job done on his behalf.

Ultimately, a number of fans point to fact that—parallel with CM Punk's meteoric rise in popularity during 2011—Triple H has once again placed himself in the company's central feud. However, it must be conceded that "The King of Kings" is well over in his current role, can still put on quality matches and (to some), most importantly, has the opportunity to put Daniel Bryan over even more by allowing him to defeat him cleanly. 

Although one final short title reign for the COO is not the most likely story development, few can deny that a title match between Bryan and Triple H, perhaps at Survivor Series, would certainly get the wrestling world talking.