Penn State Football Link Dump

Mike PettiganoCorrespondent IMay 18, 2009

Here's a quick rundown of what went down this weekend in Penn State football.

I don't really like doing link dumps on Mondays, but then again, this is the absolute worst part of the offseason.

The only news that would matter between now and when summer workouts start would be bad news, as is stuff involving marijuana, fighting or drinking.

So really, it's a wonderful thing right now that there's nothing to talk about.

• TNL's Galen is putting up a valiant fight against the dregs of this offseason, breaking down the schedule. Up right now: Akron thru Iowa. Almost as interesting as the skedule analysis, is Galen's same thoughts on the recent lack of news:

"Not much to talk about lately (which is a good thing because we're not talking about players running afoul of the law) so we might as well look way ahead to next season."

This doesn't really seem too great. The Penn State fan base's expectations have been lowered so much, that we're reduced to "Hey! No players were arrested this week. Yay!"

A tad bit sad.

• BSD's Mike continues (I didn't even know it started) Hate Week with a very classy video of a Michigan State chick picking a fight with some rival fans. It's a slightly odd choice to put up something like that to insult the other side, mainly due to Penn State's horrendous treatment of a certain visiting marching band in 2005. But the video's still funny.

• NWO's Charlie warns Ohio State to watch out. We've all seen the billboard put up to mock Michigan. Well, Charlie puts (figuratively) one of his own up. Also, take a look at this Facebook group, which to me doesn't make much sense. Penn State doesn't talk shit before games, and neither should its fans.

• Any time a post includes video depicting the weekend of Oct. 8, 2005, it's worth mentioning. Thanks HHV.

• Cheers to 2TL for catching this one. She runs down most of the jersey numbers by this year's Penn State NFL Rookies.

• And from the Buckeye universe, Jason from 11W discusses Joe Paterno's latest push for the Big T1e1n to become the Big T1e2n.

From the conglomerate sports media...

• ESPN's Mark Schlabach was trotted out this week to drum up some hits, as he posts his revised top-25 (he just happens to "revise" it during a slow news cycle), and teams with the best bowl chances.

• CFN asks its writers if Charlie Weis needs a BCS bowl bid to keep his job. C'mon, you know Notre Dame is always an interesting read.