Rhodes vs. McMahon Family Feud Is Better Than the Daniel Bryan/McMahon Story

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistSeptember 20, 2013

Cody, Dusty and Dustin Rhodes at the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame at happier times. Photo courtesy of wwe.com
Cody, Dusty and Dustin Rhodes at the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame at happier times. Photo courtesy of wwe.com

Fans couldn’t have picked a better time than now to watch the WWE.

We’ve seen many startling developments begin since John Cena’s absence. The Paul Heyman/CM Punk feud isn’t one of them, as it began during Cena’s last days as WWE Champion.

The two storylines that have emerged from Cena’s triceps injury are the McMahon family feuding with both Daniel Bryan and the Rhodes family. The Rhodes/McMahon feud is the better of the two.

Make no mistake, Bryan’s feud with the McMahon family is entertaining. Who doesn’t love the underdog trying to become the champion? Everyone also loves a wrestler who works harder than anyone else while trying to earn the respect of his employers.

The problem lies with familiarity. They did the same scenario two years ago with CM Punk, albeit with John Laurinaitis and never fully resolved the storyline. The most notable comparison is with Stone Cold Steve Austin, a man who worked to the top while taking on Vince McMahon himself. What was unheard of back then is now commonplace, with Austin as the protagonist and Punk taking on the boss. The Rock, Mick Foley and even Cena among others, all traveled this path before.

What makes the Rhodes story better than Bryan’s? It shouldn’t when you think about it.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust haven’t been relevant on a main event level. They’ve been associated with the midcard division throughout their entire careers. In fact, Cody was last relevant wrestling Damien Sandow after the events of Money In The Bank.

The odds of them both unemployed in the story shouldn’t make a difference. Not much is made when wrestlers leave the company, regardless of their lineage to other wrestlers.

Dusty Rhodes, their father, can be seen on Hulu as the general manager of NXT. He hasn’t been shown on any of the main shows for quite some time until the September 16 episode of Raw.

Rhodes delivered a personal exchange with Stephanie McMahon, even going as far as mentioning her children. The exchange ended with two options: getting dismantled by The Shield or getting knocked out by the Big Show. Show ended up punching Rhodes in the face and caught him while crumbling to the ground. To top it off, the giant also cried during this segment.

How can anyone not feel that? It drew emotions that it really shouldn’t have. Why would anyone care about a wrestling family that made an impact on the WWE? One simple revelation comes to mind: it’s all about the selling.

The Rhodes family drew emotions out of everyone, from Cody’s match with Randy Orton to this stellar promo. One might allude that what happened later that night was a result of Rhodes getting sent to the hospital. Most of the locker room went to the aid of Daniel Bryan, and some of them were seen backstage with Rhodes before his encounter with Stephanie.

The Rhodes’ feud with the McMahons is fresh because of the family feud. The Bryan story has been done and will continue to be, which is nothing wrong with that. Frankly, the better of the two in terms of emotional content belongs to the family war between the Rhodes and the McMahons.