Ryan Lochte Reality Series Not Such a Great Idea, Swimmer's E! Show Canceled

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 19, 2013

Obviously, we all thought "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" would spend years on the E! Network—at least taking us into the swimmer's golden years. Instead, it will leave the air after just one season. 

TVLine's Michael Ausiello (h/t Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead) reports the show suffered in the ratings and was ultimately pulled from the lineup. 

Now, Ausiello is careful to state TVLine's source didn't offer any details behind the decision but did offer that the network is keen to be in the Lochte business at some point again in the future. Pure speculation on our part, but it might be leaving the door open once the ramp-up to the next Summer Olympics starts sometime in 2015. 

We do have to second what The Big Lead's Douglas offers in that we completely forgot this show was still on the air. Apparently, many of you did as well. The show caused a minor stir when it first aired, mainly from the complete absurdity presented in the episodes.

Alas, you can only hold the people's attention for so long with simple inanity—unless, of course, you are a Kardashian, but we aren't about to discuss that mind-boggling conundrum. 

If you want a taste of what you will miss, here's a clip of Lochte getting a plaster done of his abs. With that last sentence, my career has reached its glorious apex. 

As you can see, TV will certainly have quite the void to fill. It just so happens that you Lochte fans that turned out in droves around the last Olympics were nowhere to be found during the season. 

Ausiello writes, "The premiere drew an underwhelming 800K viewers, and the audience dropped precipitously with each episode. The May 27 finale drew just over 300K viewers."

Of course we crack fun at Lochte's expense, but no athlete was comfortable living with quite the unflattering brand as he was. 

While a star in the pool, he is seen as less than sophisticated out of it. To his credit, the 29-year-old has a great sense of humor about it all, as evidenced by the Funny or Die video "Pool Water," which came after his famous comments of how he relieves himself in the pool

Now, if you want your Lochte fix, you will just have to scour the Internet for remaining clips. Hopefully, that will be enough to sate that need to see him on television.

Please, tell us that's enough. 


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