Former WWE Diva Sunny Lashes out at Wrestling Media

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 19, 2013

Sunny in 1997 (from
Sunny in 1997 (from

The drama seemingly never stops in the life of former WWE Diva Tammy "Sunny" Sytch.

Sytch, one of the most famous female performers in wrestling history, took to her official Facebook page to lash out against the wrestling media over what she considered its mistaken priorities.

As Mike Johnson of PWI notes, the star complained about the news coverage her Facebook post received detailing how her was purse stolen on Wednesday evening as she exited a convenience store.

Tammy Sytch wrote on her Facebook page that she had her purse snatched after leaving a Wawa last night around 1 AM and had to have someone watch her car while she wrote a police report and went to retrieve another set of keys for her car.

Sytch was also upset that her comments on what she wants in a man leaked onto, writing, " let me get this straight....I write a joke status about "what I look for in a boyfriend" and it makes Worldwide wrestling website headlines.....I put a post up last night about being MUGGED, a serious matter worthy of a headline, and I find it NOWHERE on ANY website.....HMMMMMMMM. Dontcha think these so-called JOURNALISTS should get their priorities straight and leave my love life alone????"

Johnson dismisses Sytch's rant as "pretty silly," and it's hard to argue with him.

It's been a tremendously difficult couple of years for the star, who has struggled with drug and alcohol problems for most of her adult life.

In September and October of last year, the Diva was infamously arrested five times in less than four weeks due to her continuing violation of her ex-boyfriend's restraining order. (She was arrested again the following January in another domestic incident.)

Does this Diva need to leave the business? (from
Does this Diva need to leave the business? (from

After getting wind of some scathing comments that Sytch had made about the company's drug-recovery program in February 2013, WWE sent out a statement noting that it would no longer be paying for her rehab.

That marked the first time the company has ever done such a thing (even the perpetually troubled Scott Hall has never managed to alienate WWE that much).

Ultimately, Sytch ended up in jail for four months where, as TMZ notes, she was diagnosed with the early stages cervical cancer and forced to undergo a hysterectomy. Thankfully, the star is now cancer-free.

More recently, over at Facebook, she has claimed she wishes to produce a dating show, and (rather dubiously) claims she is in the process of formally adopting a child from Cambodia.

Hopefully Sytch can rebound for her problems and get on with her life. She's still a relatively young woman, after all.

But in order to do so, she may have to move on from the wrestling business entirely. As this recent outburst shows, her continued involvement in the industry seems to be doing her more harm that good.