Canucks Down Like Kesler Was

Jordan AndrewsCorrespondent IApril 15, 2008

For all of us Vancouver Canucks fans who thought that at least the canucks would make the playoffs, dont' be sad we should be thrilled that Nonis is gone and things are gonna change (in a good way hopefully).  Think about if the Canucks had gotten into the playoffs, we would still be stuck with Nonis and a likely return of Naslund. 


Naslund needs to go, he hasn't been able to put up good numbers since the lockout.  If we get rid of him we will get some cap room to play around with.  Nonis isn't the right guy to playing around with our future as Vancouver Canucks fans.  The problems that we've had since Nonis has been in office were never really addressed ever.  Luongo was broughten in, which was arguably the best trade made by the Canucks ever.  But thats where Nonis's good deeds end.  We needed someone to score goals, not stop more goals from going in.  He traded Matt Cooke for Matt Pettinger at the trade deadline.  Matt Cooke is looking a lot better than Pettinger at this point.  I hope at least the new GM makes a good deal, and gets a scoring forward.   Fabian Brunnstrom has been rumored to be intrested in coming to Vancouver, the swedish elite league super star that is turning over to the NHL this season, apparently.  Someone like that would be perfect.   Ohlund's injuries and lack of production has brought his value down, and we need to get rid of the once all star defence men we had quickly before he's worth nothing.