WWE Night of Champions 2013 Results: Matches That Still Have Fans Buzzing

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistSeptember 20, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

With Night of Champions finally in the books, the scores were settled in some feuds, while others were left open ended—or without any real conclusion.

As seems to be the custom, WWE tag team champion Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns retained their titles in a hard fought victory over the Primetime Players. This leads to the question of who exactly will be the team to finally defeat these two upstart superstars once and for all.

In addition, world heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio was able to retain his prize with a disqualification loss to Rob Van Dam. That feud still seems to be in full swing, but may not be the type that electrifies audiences.

However, three matches stand out when it comes to generating excitement in the coming months.

First, the Divas Title match between champion AJ Lee and her three opponents Brie Bella, Naomi and Natalya is currently the subject of some buzz due to the fact that the three latter superstars are currently the focal point of the E! Network's show Total Divas.

And frankly, anything based in reality TV is cause for some hype in this day and age.

It stands to reason that some time in the near future AJ will drop her title to one of these other young ladies, simply to drum up better storylines for the show. However, this would be doing wrestling fans a disservice, considering that AJ is pretty much the only thing that makes the entire division watchable.

Spunky and always with a plan, AJ embodies the scheming female part down to the last detail. She plays people off of each other at every turn, and for some strange reason, fans cant seem to get enough of her. Perhaps it's her girlish ways, or maybe the fact that despite everything else, she knows what to do in the ring.

Or maybe it's just that she is the opposite of the Barbie doll stereotype that nearly every diva in recent memory has embodied. In any event, AJ—and not the reality show—is what is creating the buzz in the divas division.

Next, the WWE Universe is still scratching its collective head about why exactly Ryback attacked CM Punk during his encounter with Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman.

On paper, the attack makes sense, given that Ryback seems unable to stand on his own two feet while delivering a promo. Heyman seems unable to stand on his own two feet when trying to stand up to his former best friend, Punk.

The alliance should lead to some meaningful matches between the self-proclaimed "Big Guy," and the self-professed "Best in the World."

While Punk was not on Raw this past week, one can only assume that he was sitting at home licking his wounds, biding his time until he can release all of his fury on the man that attacked him during Night of Champions.

Even more important to him is unleashing his fury upon the man that claimed to have no knowledge of Ryback's intentions: Heyman.

Speaking of unleashing frustration and fury, Daniel Bryan seems to have a legitimate gripe with the McMahon Family and Randy Orton.

It seemed as if Bryan had once again attained his dream of becoming WWE champion. Due to a fast count by referee Scott Armstrong and the official's insistence that he and Bryan were in cahoots, Bryan finds himself without the title and without any support from company brass after immediately being stripped of the title by COO Triple H.

Yes, the entire situation with Armstrong seemed very fishy, and Bryan's relationship with Triple H is incredibly shaky at best, but the facts don't lie. The referee made a fast count. While he might claim that Orton was knocked out and would have been down for longer than a three count, Bryan is still without his prize.

In the end, all three of these feuds could eventually lead to matches at the upcoming and inaugural Battleground pay per-view on October 6. Whether or not they will be firmly settled remains to be seen.

But the one thing that can be guaranteed for each feud is that they will create more and more buzz as they evolve week to week.