FIFA 14 Player Ratings: Team-by-Team Updates and Analysis for Top Clubs

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FIFA 14 Player Ratings: Team-by-Team Updates and Analysis for Top Clubs

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    FIFA 14 is a simulation of the ultimate team sport, but the individual ratings still matter. Taking control of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo during a scoring opportunity feels different than it does with lesser players.

    EA Sports released the ratings for the top 50 players in the game and Messi and Ronaldo were No. 1 and 2 respectively.

    FIFA 14 features over 600 clubs from over 30 licensed leagues. That's over 16,000 players to interact with on the virtual pitch. Needless to say, there is a big difference between the elite players and the young and green hopefuls for the smaller clubs.

    Most gamers will find their favorite club and put in work with that squad. Some will head for the top clubs to give themselves the best chance to win or an opportunity to play with the game's best players.

    I've done a scan of the player ratings for the top clubs. This slideshow breaks down the ratings for seven of the most popular clubs in the game. Check it out.

Manchester United

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    Highest-Rated Player: Robin van Persie, 89 overall

    Robin van Persie tops a talented group for the Red Devils. The 29-year-old is rated a 91 in finishing and a 90 in shot power. He’s also great at finding opportunities without the ball. He’s rated a 90 in attacking positioning. 


    Best Player Under 23: Shinji Kagawa, 83 overall

    The 23-year-old from Japan is lightning quick. He’s rated a 90 in acceleration, 93 in agility and a 91 in balance. He lacks strength at 5’8”, 141 pounds, but he obviously has tremendous upside.


    Goalkeeper: David de Gea, 82 overall

    This exciting young Spaniard could ultimately be one of the best keepers in the world. He’s only 21 years old and he’s already rated an 82 overall. With a reflex rating of 88 and a diving mark of 86, he is destined for stardom.


    Team Ratings: (Five Stars) Attacking 85, Midfielders 82, Defense 81


    How They Match Up in the Barclays Premier League 

    There are more than enough stars and depth on this club to make it a serious contender in the Barclays Premier League again this season. If you’re thinking about making Manchester United your team in FIFA 14, you can’t go wrong with that choice.


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    Highest-Rated Player: Mesut Ozil, 87 overall

    The newly acquired star wasn’t with Arsenal in the early-release version, but he will be. The 23-year-old isn’t a freakish athlete, but his skill is what sets him apart. A 90 rating in ball control and 86 in crossing makes him one of the best players at his position. 


    Best Player 23 Years old or Younger: Jack Wilshere, 82 overall

    Ozil qualifies for this spot, but Arsenal also has Wilshere on the squad. At just 20 years old, Wilshere is the future of Arsenal football—if they can hold on to him. Blessed with great balance and stamina that has produced an 87 and 85 rating in those categories, respectively, Wilshere could ultimately be the most important player on the club for the next five years.


    Goalkeeper: Wojciech Szczesny, 79 overall

    Arsenal isn’t strongest in this area. Szczesny has decent reflexes with a rating of an 83, but he doesn’t have a strong or accurate leg. His kicking rating is a 69 and his positioning is just a 74.


    Team Ratings: (4.5 Stars) Attacking 81, Midfielders 81, Defense 79


    How They Match Up in the Barclays Premier League

    The Gunners aren’t the best club in the Premier League. Players like Wilshere and Ozil give them a decent future, but if you’re looking at using them in career mode, prepare use the transfer market to acquire some talent to contend with England’s best clubs.


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    Highest-Rated Player: Luis Suarez, 86 overall

    The controversial, but talented striker is easily the best player on his club. No other player is rated above an 83. Dribbling and balance are his best attributes. He’s rated a 91 in dribbling, 88 in ball control, 88 in reactions and an 86 in both acceleration and agility. 


    Best Player 23 Years Old or Younger: Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge, 80 overall

    The Reds may not be equal to Manchester United or Chelsea right now, but help is on the way. Coutinho, 20 years old, and Sturridge, 23 years old, are the club’s best young players. 

    If Suarez ever departs Anfield, Sturridge could be a viable replacement. He must improve his balance, as he is only rated a 64 in that category, but he is lightning fast. The youngster has an acceleration rating of 89 and a sprint speed of 90.

    As for Coutinho, he is similar to Suarez—minus the biting. With a rating of 90 in acceleration and 91 in agility and balance, he is a force in the middle of the field.


    Goalkeeper: Simon Mignolet, 80 overall

    The 24-year-old has a good throwing arm and adequate reflexes (83 goalkeeper rating), but he isn’t quite good enough considering the Reds' midfielders and defenders aren’t the strength of the club.


    Team Ratings: (4.5 Stars) Attacking 85, Midfielders 77, Defense 78


    How They Match Up in the Barclays Premier League

    Liverpool has talent scattered about—especially among its attackers—but defensively it will struggle to slow the top teams in the EPL.

Manchester City

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    Highest-Rated Player: David Silva and Sergio Aguero, 88 overall

    City is loaded at the top with Silva and Aguero leading a talented roster. Silva’s best trait is his agility. He has a 93 rating in that category. He’s also an adept passer with excellent vision. 

    He’s rated a 90 in the latter skill and a 91 in ball control. Aguero’s combination of acceleration (93) and balance (90) makes him a deadly striker. The 24-year-old Argentinian isn’t just fast with great equilibrium; he knows how to find the back of the net when he’s in position.

    His finishing rating is a 90.


    Best Player 23 Years Old or Younger: Stevan Jovetic, 84 overall

    Listed as a reserve for City, Jovetic is the only really promising young player the club has. He isn’t excessively fast, but his ball-control rating of 89 gives him a solid base to build on for the future.


    Goalkeeper: Joe Hart, 83 overall

    While not spectacular, Hart is definitely good enough considering the firepower his club possesses. He has solid diving skills conveyed with an 85 rating and good reflexes. Hart is rated an 87 in goalkeeper reflexes.


    Team Ratings: (Five Stars) Attacking 83, Midfielders 83, Defense 81


    How They Match Up in Barclays Premier League

    Manchester City is a right now team. All of their standouts are veterans, and the team has stars in almost every role. They should be in a tough battle with Manchester United and Chelsea all season.


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    Highest-Rated Player: Juan Mata, 87 overall

    The 24-year-old is one of the most agile, acrobatic and creative players in the world. His exploits on the pitch earned him a 90 agility rating and an 89 mark in balance. He’s always looking for opportunities to score, and his attacking position rating is an 87.

    He’s the best of a strong Chelsea club.


    Best Player 23 Years Old or Younger: Eden Hazard, 85 overall

    Not far behind Juan Mata is the 21-year-old from Belgium. Only Neymar may have a brighter future in the sport. He too is a wizard-like dribbler. Hazard is already rated a 91 in acceleration, 92 in agility, 88 in dribbling and a 90 in balance.

    He’s a handful and will be for the foreseeable future.


    Goalkeeper: Petr Cech, 85 overall

    Don’t look for a weakness here on the Chelsea side. Cech is one of the best in the world. He’s a gifted keeper with tremendous reflexes (85 rating in goalkeeper reflexes). Standing 6’5”, Cech can protect the net as well as anyone in the sport.


    Team Ratings: (Five Stars) Attacking 82, Midfielders 82, Defense 82


    How They Match Up in Barclays Premier League

    The Blues can play with any club in the world. Aside from Hazard and Mata, Chelsea is a little old, but those two stars assure they will be one of the best in the league for some time.

Real Madrid

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    Highest-Rated Player: Cristiano Ronaldo, 92 overall

    CR7 is second only to Barcelona’s Lionel Messi in overall rating; there isn’t much he doesn’t do well. His sprint speed is a 94, agility a 93 and acceleration is a 91. Trying to knock him off the ball? That’s not easy. He has a 95 ball-control rating.

    His only weakness may be his balance, which is only set at a 75. 


    Best Player 23 Years Old or Younger: Isco, 84 overall

    The young Spaniard has to be special to start for Real Madrid at 20 years old. He has a ball-control rating of 89 and dribble mark of 88. To think he’s likely getting better is a scary thought for opponents in Liga BBVA.


    Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas, 86 overall

    The legendary goalkeeper is undersized at 6’1” by today’s standards, but his excellent goalkeeping reflexes (91) are his best attribute. His diving rating is also an 89, and he’s a solid athlete overall.


    Team Ratings: (Five Stars) Attacking 84, Midfielders 84, Defense 81


    How They Matchup in Liga BBVA

    It is a two-team race in Liga BBVA. Not much separates Madrid and Barcelona. It could come down to the impact of Ronaldo and Messi.


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    Highest-Rated Player: Lionel Messi, 94 overall

    The world’s best player is also the cover athlete for the game again. He literally has no weaknesses. Messi is rated a 96 in acceleration, 94 in agility, 95 in balance and 96 in reactions. 

    His value goes far beyond his pure physical gifts. Messi’s skills are equally as impressive. A ball-control rating of 96, a dribbling and finishing mark of 97 round out the eye-popping ratings.


    Best Player 23 Years Old or Younger: Neymar, 84 overall

    Barca is easily the team with the most popular stars. Messi is the world football equivalent to LeBron James, and Neymar is the most well-known young star.

    The Brazilian needs to get stronger. He only has a 45 in strength, but his speed is substantial. Neymar has a 91 rating in acceleration and 93 in agility. These numbers should continue to rise in your career mode for the next three or four years.


    Goalkeeper: Victor Valdes, 83 overall

    What Valdes lacks in height and athleticism, he makes up for with positioning. His highest rating is a 90 in goalkeeper positioning.

    At 30 years old, his best days are behind him, though. If you take over Barca in career mode, you may want to put goalkeeper on your list of positions to scout.


    Team Ratings: (Five Stars) Attacking 86, Midfielders 86, Defense 84


    How They Match Up in Liga BBVA

    Real Madrid and Barca are a toss up, but Messi’s supporting cast may be a little stronger than Ronaldo’s.


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