Vancouver Canucks Need Shaking Up

Tyler BarnesContributor IApril 15, 2008

It's clear the Vancouver Canucks need to make some real changes. That's no secret.

But what, exactly, needs to be done? 

Well, for starters, I think the firing of GM Dave Nonis was a good start. He was not leading the team to a good place, obviously.

We need someone like Burke back. Look what he has done with Anaheim for evidence. We need a great GM like that.

Will we get one? Who knows?

The next thing is the necessary purging of certain players. Markus Naslund needs to go, for sure.

He is getting paid way too much—about $6 million US per year—for what he is producing offensively. He gets paid that amount for, essentially, his worst offensive seasons ever. Something needs to change.

Getting rid of Naslund opens up salary for bigger, better players, which the Canucks desperately need. For starters, they need a retooled offense. They already have a decent defense to go with one of the best goalies in the league. Let's get some guys who can score some goals; Naslund just isn't putting out.

I think we could also do away with Ohlund. He is a good player, but we need more than that, and we should look to trade him while he has some value.

Acquiring an elite star player like Iginla or Thorton would be ideal. I know our chances of acquiring those two players are slim, but that's the caliber of player this team needs.

Hopefully, we will get a good GM to run this team, and hopefully some players will be traded for building blocks for next season and seasons to come, so we can bounce back from this tragic season.