Bray Wyatt Has Lost All Momentum After Dull Push Following SummerSlam

Alfred KonuwaFeatured Columnist IVApril 11, 2017

SummerSlam couldn't have possibly been the peak of Bray Wyatt's momentum; he's too talented for that.  Nobody is more in tune with his character.  Nobody goes deeper in character.  Few wrestlers have a more unique in-ring skill set that fits their persona.  

For whatever reason, however, the Wyatt Family has been on the outside looking in as the McMahon-Bryan storyline has taken center stage.  Bray Wyatt's most notable highlight since SummerSlam is beating Dolph Ziggler on television, but who hasn't?

As for Bray Wyatt's booking, WWE has regressed to the video packages that so brilliantly built toward his debut.  The problem is, that debut has already come and gone.  Wyatt is still effective and compelling during the latest batch of Abigail-themed shorts, but they're starting to become old hat.  

It has now been over a month since Wyatt's last meaningful feud.  The longer he goes without being fed another Superstar of note, the less relevant his public service announcements from hell become. 

The Wyatt character seems fine-tuned to be a manager, given otherworldly oratorical abilities, but he can just as easily reach the top of the WWE as a wrestler.  With the path he is on, WWE is treating him like the former. 

Rob Van Dam, Dolph Ziggler and Christian are all name-brand talents who can help Wyatt get over in the upper midcard while the McMahon power struggle runs its course. 

Speaking in soundbites is only effective as a complementary tool.  Given the ratio of vignettes to in-ring content of Bray Wyatt over the past few weeks, this tool has become more of a crutch. 

Hopefully, this Abigail storyline leads to something.  A "rebirth" of Abigail as a dreary new Diva could make the Wyatt Family be like a darker Straight Edge Society, if there ever were such a thing.

One can only hope Bray's return to fear mongering via satellite isn't just meaningless filler while WWE figures out where it's going with its talented heel.  That type of stagnation could bury Bray.