Big Show Has Thrived as a Pawn in WWE's Main Storyline

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistSeptember 19, 2013

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Big Show has seen and done it all in WWE.  He is an eight-time WWE and World tag team champion, a two-time WWE champion and a two-time World champion.  He has been a main event star all over the world, and I believe he is perhaps the best big man that Vince McMahon's company has ever known.

And before SummerSlam, I would have told you that I just don't know if there was really anything that could be left for him in terms of an interesting angle.  But the truth is that I can't say that now.  Big Show is in a great spot right now in WWE.  In fact, he is absolutely thriving.

I daresay no one saw this coming.  After all, we could see the writing on the wall with Daniel Bryan, and from the beginning, it looked as though he would be the one and only focus of this angle.

Bryan was the one targeted by Triple H as the would-be top guy who just didn't deserve that role.  The newly minted chief operating officer had made it clear that Bryan would not be allowed to rise above his position in the company.  

Bryan would be stopped by any means necessary.

It's an intriguing, exciting story that has brought fans to their feet and has put Daniel Bryan on the path to the top of WWE. What more could fans ask for?

But when Big Show was worked into this storyline, I began to see just how perfectly he would fit in.  At first it seemed as though he would be just an accessory, perhaps added to just to give him something to do every week on TV.  

But thanks to Show's ability to sell the drama of it and his willingness to do whatever necessary to get the storyline over, he is excelling far beyond what I thought he could do. Every time he is on WWE programming, he is put into one impossible spot after another. He is forced to act against his will, physically destroying other Superstars while Triple H looks on.

And whenever Show is at his worst, he is at his best.

If anyone believed it impossible for a giant to become a sympathetic figure, shrunk down to a much smaller size, then Big Show has proven him wrong.  

Show looks all too human and more like just a regular guy as he is being humbled by Triple H's new regime.  His body language is that of a man defeated, and his facial expressions show the inner turmoil that he is enduring thanks to the hell that the McMahon family is putting him through.

He has been ordered to knock out Daniel Bryan on more than one occasion, and though he tried to say no, he had to follow through.  Show's character has seemingly made peace with Bryan in recent months, and much like many of the WWE faithful, he wants to see Daniel succeed.  The last thing he wants is to be a roadblock for him, and yet that is exactly what he's become.

As if that weren't enough, Big Show recently knocked out the legendary American Dream Dusty Rhodes on live television.  Dusty was on Raw to speak for his son Cody when Stephanie McMahon called Big Show down to the ring and gave him a choice: deliver the weapon of mass destruction to Rhodes or watch the Shield tear him apart.

Show did what he had to do.  He was cornered, and he acted.  The anguish on his face made the entire moment worthwhile.

However, he could have retaliated.  He could have let the emotion of the moment get the best of him and lose his cool.  For that matter, Big Show could clear the ring of Triple H, Randy Orton and the Shield anytime he wants to.  He could end it all right now.

All he needs is that last bit of provocation to push him over the edge, and we could be looking at the scariest Big Show that we have ever seen in WWE.  He could snap, and it could happen any day now.

But he can't.  He won't.  He will not allow himself to lose control despite how hard he is pressed.  Big Show's supposed financial problems dictate that he must keep his composure, or he will find himself in the unemployment line.

Big Show is being intimidated and manipulated, but there is nothing he can do about it.

For me, this is the kind of angle that has allowed Show to flourish unlike anything he has ever done before.  He is more than just a big man throwing his weight around in a company full of musclebound heels and babyfaces.

He is a multi-layered Superstar who has reached a new level of complexity.  He is now on par with other Superstars who do not have his immense size to fall back on to provide them with an interesting angle. Big Show is one of those guys who is making fans care about him.  

The audience is becoming emotionally invested in his plight and want to see him overcome the torment that he is going through at the hands of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Fans believe in Big Show, and he is more over now than he has been in a very long time.  What more could any WWE Superstar ask for?

Big Show is currently at the mercy of Triple H's new administration in WWE.  Every week on TV, Show is forced to carry out Hunter and wife Stephanie McMahon's orders, no matter how much he tries to protest. He is being cut down to size and is being punished merely for trying to do the right thing.

And the truth is he has never looked better.  Big Show is thriving in this storyline, and I, for one, can't wait to see what happens next.