SportsNation Delivers All the Best Sports Vines with 1 Brilliant Video

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Looking for the best the sports world has to offer in six-second segments? You can't do much better than this wonderful collection of the 50 best sports Vine videos. 

Next Impulse Sports spotted this five-minute SportsNation video bumping around the Internet, and we are certainly glad they did. 

What we have here are the best sports Vines you can think of. Kid getting brutally posterized, the one-handed backflip catch, Kobe Bryant jumping from the high board—they are all here. 

It also serves as a fond farewell to the summer's greatest video theme: bros delivering ridiculous swimming-pool slam dunks. 

There are a couple here to take you well into the winter. Soon you will forget these things even existed, until the weather once again warms and the need to head out to the pool becomes fierce. That's when we can expect every last person with a smartphone and a swimming pool to record one—at least, that's how 2013 went. 

If you are looking for favorites, to each his own. I have always been partial to the very last video, the best in posterizations

Then again, there is something so pleasing about seeing a baseball get unwrapped or Nate Robinson leap through a glass door. 

Might we encourage SportsNation to beat the Internet bushes and collect the best video Instagram has to offer?

Until then, we will savor this comedic collage one six-second portion at a time. Consider this a visual box of Chicken McNuggets, and you don't even need to work it off at the gym afterwards. 

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