Triple H Must Have a Match as Part of Feud with Daniel Bryan

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2013

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It should go without saying that Triple H and Daniel Bryan need to have a match eventually. However, I'm not taking any chances, so I'm going to make a point as to why.

The physicality of the feud is between Randy Orton and Bryan. The true conflict is between Triple H and Bryan. Orton is the pawn. That was reminded to us on Raw when Stephanie McMahon questioned and threatened Orton. Asking where the mean streak went? She told him they could always find a new face of WWE.

This feud is playing off several stereotypes and expanding reality into the storyline. This is why the story has been successful up to this point.

We haven't heard rumors of Vince McMahon demanding massive changes to the television scripts last minute or confusion on which direction the booking is going. The reason is because the booking and story is very organic.

Bryan is the exact opposite of the attributes typically liked by the McMahon's and the type of character that they like to showcase as the face of their company. Orton is a prototype of the company face image with his impressive build, tattoos and overall look.

Triple H and Orton have played their roles well so far. There is no cool heel syndrome with them. The fans hate them and the fans love Bryan.

It's a tough task these days to achieve a perfect good guy and bad guy split with the audience. Bryan will go through Orton. Once he completes that task, eventually, Triple H has nobody to hide behind. The famous saying of “want something done, do it yourself” will come into play.

The longer WWE can hold the match off, the better. The longer Bryan goes not getting his hands on Triple H because he's protected by the corporate title of Chief Operating Officer, the better.

All of the king's men must fall around Triple H before Bryan can get his hands on him. If done right, that match could be held out until January. Fans are going to constantly be skeptical of Triple H letting Bryan go over.

This is good, because it's what WWE wants with Triple H as the heel. It always keeps the possibility that Triple H is going to hold Bryan down.

The key to all of this?

WWE must remember that at the end of the day the good guy must win, and the good guy is Bryan.

Imagine if Bryan finally captures the WWE title and fights off Orton or anyone else that gets in his way. January comes and Bryan has to defend the title against Triple H at Royal Rumble. It's the final road block standing between Bryan being the WWE Champion and going to WrestleMania. It will sell pay-per-views, and every fan will have interest in how it all goes down.

WWE has been on a good roll with booking lately. Intriguing stories and sub-plots expanding from the top storyline with talent like The Shield, Cody Rhodes and even a referee have given WWE a strong base to jump from.

I have trust in WWE right now, but I'm still going to remind them just in case―Triple H and Bryan must have one meaningful match to conclude this story.