Matt Harvey Turns 'Dan Patrick Show' Interview into Bizarre Sales Pitch

Josh SchochAnalyst IIISeptember 18, 2013

Matt Harvey went on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, but he seemed to be more focused on Qualcomm, a wireless telecommunication company, than a torn UCL that ended his 2013 MLB season.

The New York Mets star had an extremely awkward exchange on the show, as he avoided all questions about his rehab to avoid Tommy John surgery, instead redirecting all questions back to a Qualcomm pitch.

When Patrick tried to bring the focus of the conversation back to baseball, Harvey made his intentions clear: "I did all of those answers yesterday and maybe at the appropriate time we can talk about that. But today is about Qualcomm."

If only Harvey's transitions were as fluid as his pitching motion.

Dan Patrick was obviously confused by his guest. 

The host had more than a few priceless reactions. 

Fans were quick to jump on Harvey for his interview in a pun-filled wave of criticism.

#MattHarvey enters rehab for his interview skills instead of tommy john. Someone is going to have to spend 'qual'ity time with that kid

— Matt Kelley (@ThatMattKelley) September 18, 2013

@dpshow you Qual that an interview? @MattHarvey33

— Joe Watson (@2ndbaser) September 18, 2013

@HiMyNameIsSeton @PaulPabst For what's it's worth, Harvey's bomb during his Qual-in interview has made for a great hour of TV/radio for you.

— Chris (@asu2007) September 18, 2013

A public service announcement: the word "Qual" means "agony in Germany. Which should explain everything. #Mets #Harvey

— Jan Blurr (@janblurr) September 18, 2013

It's not the first time Harvey made headlines during an interview, as he was less-than-tactful detailing his admiration of Derek Jeter's social life in Men's Journal (via USA Today). Those choice words still pale in comparison to his appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, though. 

The former ESPN personality clearly wanted to talk about something that his nationwide audience cares about, but Harvey wouldn't stop circling back to the San Diego-based operation. 

Whether is was through fan tweets, the Mets PR department, or on his own behalf, Harvey ultimately realized just how bad the interview was, and did his best to apologize.

Been an exhausting couple of days. Apologies to @dpshow and @Qualcomm

— Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) September 18, 2013

He even opened up on his injury when he appeared on The Jim Rome Show later on in the day. 

While this sports radio cameo was a catastrophe, Harvey's apology certainly helps. He made himself look like a fool, but he was smart enough to acknowledge his mistake.

Even so, let's hope that Harvey crosses spokesman off his list of potential careers after retirement.