Interview With Super Mario

Spenser T. HarrisonCorrespondent IMay 18, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - AUGUST 16:  Defensive end Mario Williams #90 of the Houston Texans rests on the bench while taking on the New Orleans Saints during a pre-season game at Louisiana Superdome on August 16, 2008 in New Orleans Louisiana.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

1) North Carolina, your home state, has been a hotbed for great pass rushing talents; Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, Julius Peppers, and you. What’s in the water over there?

2) Is there any former player in particular you looked up to as a kid and tried to emulate throughout your career?

3) Did you in any way expect the intense negative outcry among a large majority of the national media when the Texans drafted you with the first pick overall in 2006?

4) Has proving the naysayers wrong been a major source of motivation for you both now and in the future? 

5) If so, would you consider the negativity surrounding the pick a blessing in disguise, as it will always be there to push you?

6) Let’s go back to your first home game with the Texans. What was going through your mind as you sat in the tunnel waiting for your name to be called?

7) As we know full well you played through a painful plantar fasciitis your rookie season. What kept you from using that as an excuse, while people pointed to your low rookie sack total as justification for a draft day blunder by the Texans? 

8) How did it feel to score your first NFL touchdown during the opening game of your sophomore season? Did you see it as a sign of better things to come?

9) You’ve said before that getting snubbed from the Pro Bowl in 2007 didn’t bother you as you likened the voting to a popularity contest. What was it like to get the invite in 2008?

10) As it stands you have 6.5 sacks in the two prime time games you’ve played. What is it about playing under the lights, in front of a national audience, that brings the best out in you?

11) Were you glad the Texans decided to choose the new defensive coordinator from in house and what do you think Frank Bush will add?

12) What do you see as the key differences between Matt Schaub and David Carr.

13) What would you consider your best and worst moments as a Texan thus far in your career?

14) How did it feel the first time you got your paycheck from the NFL, and what was the first thing you bought?

15) Besides being paid, what are the other benefits of playing professionally as opposed to collegiately. 

16) What do you miss most about playing college football?

17) Now, let's move off the football field for a moment. As we know you're quite the gun enthusiast, so do you prefer hunting or the shooting range?

18) As a self proclaimed “country man,” were you glad that you were drafted by a “southern” team?

19) What’s your favorite southern meal?

20) We know Amobi Okoye is every bit as smart as he is big. Do you think you could ever beat him in a game of scrabble?

21) Have you always been the biggest guy since you were a kid, and if so how did that affect your hide-n-go seek skills? 

22) Have you ever been overseas? If not, are you hoping the Texans get a game in London in the next few years?

23) Last question and I’ll let you go. Who is the best basketball player on the Texans?