Hakeem Olajuwon Set to Release First Edition of 'Dream Shake' Signature Shoes

Zach BuckleyNational NBA Featured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2013

Hakeem Olajuwon played his final NBA game in 2002, but his basketball influence is as strong as ever and continues to grow.

Mr. "Dream Shake" himself has been schooling some of the game's greatest stars on the finer points of life in the NBA post.

Now, he'll be sharing with them the secrets of the fashion world.

Via Mark Berman of Houston's FOX 26, Olajuwon will introduce the first basketball shoes from his DR34M brand at his DR34M Mansion on Saturday. The kicks, which will cost $185, are yet another dream come true for Olajuwon.

As he told Berman, this is something he's wanted to do for a very long time:

I'm very happy about it because for many years when I was playing I endorsed many shoe companies, and I've always wanted to go from scratch, build my own brand. So I went to different sources, looking at the manufacturing, selecting the material, making sure you bring the best product to market. I'm very excited to unveil the first Dream Shake shoe.

Hoops heads and sneaker enthusiasts should be just as excited. The shoes, which Berman notes will feature Italian leather, will be available in black, blue, red, orange-and-black and yellow-and-red.

It sounds like you'll have a hard time finding an outfit that won't work with these kicks. According to Olajuwon, that was the idea. On or off the court, Olajuwon aimed to make the perfect shoes.

"What I like about this shoe, it's not just for the court. It's designed also to wear with your jeans, Olajuwon said. "It's really a basketball shoe, but when you put it with your jeans you're fashionable, so it solves both purposes."

If Olajuwon's playing days are any indication of how the shoe will shape up, expect them to offer supreme support and maximum mobility. And if the price tag scares you off a bit, just remember: It's a lot cheaper than a week of Dream School sessions.

With Olajuwon footage, a basketball court and a pair of these new shoes, you'll be Dream Shaking in no time.

Well, that's my hope, at least.