The Top 5 Catches Made by Fans in 2013

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2013

The Top 5 Catches Made by Fans in 2013

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    Baseball players are not the only people who put their skills on display at the ballpark. Home runs and foul balls also give fans a chance to get in on the act and show off their abilities.

    Every season, a number of impressive grabs are made by the fans. Some of them use gloves, others use their bare hands, and a few have even caught balls in their beer.

    There was no shortage of great grabs by fans this season. Here are the top five plays made by those in the stands.

5) Mariners Fan Catches Foul Ball Using His Beer

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    Some baseball fans will use whatever they have to try to catch a foul ball. One fan at a Seattle Mariners game had a beer in his hand when he saw a foul ball coming toward him.

    Not wanting to drop the beer, he did the logical thing and used it to catch the foul ball. He then proceeded to chug the beer in celebration. While his catching skills were good, it appears that his beer-chugging skills could use some work.

4) Virginia Smith Shows off Her Softball Skills

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    Virginia Smith has been a San Francisco Giants fan for a long time and has been to many games to support her team. The great-grandmother had played softball for 39 years and always brought her glove along with her, according to David Brown of Yahoo! Sports.

    She had never caught a foul ball at a MLB game, but her years of playing and perseverance finally paid off when she was able to make a great grab on a ball off Todd Helton's bat.

3) Indians Fan Leaves with Four Foul Balls

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    Baseball fans can go to game after game and never come away with a foul ball. Many consider themselves lucky to get just one.

    For Cleveland Indians season ticket holder Greg Van Niel, however, one was not enough. While at a July game against the Kansas City Royals, Van Niel left with not one, not two, not three but four foul balls.

    According to ESPN Stats & Information, the odds of that occurring were one in a trillion.

2) Padres Fan Makes a Diving Grab

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    Some fans are willing to go all out to try to snag a home run ball. In some cases, they risk injury in the attempt.

    While diving catches are normally reserved for the players on the field, one San Diego Padres fan was willing to dive and risk landing on the concrete floor to catch a home run.

    He successfully caught the ball and looked no worse for wear.

1) Minor League Fan Goes All Out

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    Major League Baseball fans are not the only ones who go all out to get a foul ball. One minor league fan made a great diving catch at a Dayton Dragons game this year.

    The fan dove for a home run ball and crashed directly into a chain-link fence and concrete wall. He held onto the ball and bounced right back up. The grab was definitely web-gem worthy.