Predicting The Miz's Return to TV After Beatdown by Randy Orton

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 18, 2013

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

Miz fans need to scrape together all the patience in their systems; the next Skull-Crushing Finale we see won't be for a long while.

With the way that he was written off TV and with a host of other Superstars set to come back soon, don't expect Miz back until after Battleground, after Hell in a Cell and after the leaves start to turn.

On Monday's Raw, an enraged Randy Orton destroyed Miz in front of his parents.

After Stephanie McMahon told Orton that he had gotten too soft and demanded that the old, more merciless Orton come back, "The Viper" struck. He used Miz as proof that he had indeed transformed into his old self. He hurled Miz over the announce table and slipped a steel chair over his neck with terrible intentions.

It appears now that Orton has sent Miz on a vacation from the pounding that is the WWE schedule, but for how long?

To answer that, one has to first examine the reason for the thrashing.

The most plausible reason is so that Orton looks like a beast heading into his showdown with Daniel Bryan at Battleground. This attack tells fans that this next match won't be the same as the previous ones.

Orton will be more vicious and more dangerous.

It lowers Bryan's chances of winning as "The Flying Goat" now faces a newly awakened monster. Bringing back Miz before that match happens weakens the effect of the "injury."

Letting Miz come back until at least after Bryan and Orton's story has taken another turn makes the most sense. The severity of the storyline injury also points to fans not seeing "The Awesome One" around for a significant amount of time. reported that Miz "has a bruised breastbone and bruised collarbone, he has difficulty moving his neck and arm and signs of a pinched nerve."

The company could have chosen to say Miz had any number of injuries, but it chose one that has given the Superstar trouble moving his extremities. This is made to sound both serious and nebulous.

Pinched nerves and partial paralysis are the types of injuries WWE can use as believable excuses to have Miz not appear on TV for weeks, if not months. The ambiguity of the injury gives WWE freedom in terms of when to have him return.

It's set to be a busy time for returns, so Miz may have to wait on the sidelines (a la Christian earlier this year) for an opportune time to saunter back to the ring.

Rey Mysterio looks to be back, as he is scheduled for upcoming house shows, per Tyson Kidd has been working house shows and is sure to make his return soon as well, as reported by

Then there is the much-anticipated return of Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes' family members have been central figures in the drama that is Triple H's regime. If WWE is willing to bring in Dusty Rhodes and Goldust and continue to focus on this storyline, it's clear the company has something big planned for Cody's return and subsequent revenge.

Expect WWE to wait for the hype of all those returns to simmer down first before maximizing The Miz coming back.

Survivor Series is an ideal time to do that, as Miz offers WWE another option should the company decide to book any traditional five-on-five elimination tag team matches.

Last year, Miz teamed with Orton, Kofi Kingston and Team Hell No. Miz certainly won't be looking to be partners with Orton this time around, but if WWE needs 20 Superstars to fill up two elimination tag matches, expect Miz's name to get called.

Until then, Raw and SmackDown are going to be heavy on Bryan fighting against a corrupt system and the Rhodes family saga.

The shifting puzzle that is WWE won't include Miz for now and, from the looks of things, not until 2013 draws near to a close.