FIFA 14: Legends You Must Grab in Ultimate Team Mode

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2013

Photo courtesy of EA Sports
Photo courtesy of EA Sports

When popping in FIFA 14 for the first time, one of the first things you should do is jump to Ultimate Team mode.

EA Sports has made some of the greatest legends ever available for use in Ultimate Team. As part of a deal with Microsoft, these legends will only be available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

You can view the full list on EA Sports' website.

There are a multitude of exciting players making their debut to the game. However, when it comes to FIFA, you'll have the most fun scoring goals with talented attackers. It's great that you can have Paolo Maldini, Lothar Matthaus, Edwin van der Sar and Fabio Cannavaro. They're all defensive players, though, so the enjoyment level isn't there.

The strikers and attacking midfielders will be the most fun.

When firing up Ultimate Team Mode, these four legends should top your shopping list.



Maybe you've heard of this guy. He's only one of the greatest footballers ever. The fact that he's available in Ultimate Team completely legitimizes everything about the mode. You can't have a team of legends without a player like Pele.

His record speaks for itself. He's won multiple World Cups and scored over 1,000 professional goals. While he's become a bit crotchety in his old age, there's no denying Pele's place in history.

What will be even cooler will be to pair him with either or both of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo—the two best players of their era. Why debate which player is best when you can just throw them all on the same team?


Dennis Bergkamp

If you were to do a poll of the greatest Premier League player ever, Dennis Bergkamp would get a fair number of votes. Few players were as exciting on the pitch as he was, and he played a huge part in Arsenal's success in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Bergkamp was a frustrating player, though, as he would go into one too many tackles and had some rough patches. When he was at his best, however, he was the kind of player that only comes along once in a generation.

His dribbling was only matched by his intelligence. Bergkamp had an innate ability to read the game and communicate with teammates with only a nod of the head or a quick look.

Bergkamp was a video game player before there was such a thing.


Henrik Larsson

There's a generation of fans that don't fully appreciate the greatness of Henrik Larsson. He was the last real world-class player to play for Celtic. The Scottish club has had some big names come along since the forward, but he was in his prime at Celtic Park.

Larsson is one of the best poachers in recent memory. Any time you've got the ball at his feet in FIFA, just turn toward goal and let it fly.

What's even better, is that this is a great opportunity for Larsson to make himself known to a new segment of gamers. They'll see him in the game—with his crazy dreads—and hopefully see what this Swedish sensation was all about.

Before there was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, there was Henrik Larsson.


Marco van Basten

With any luck, you'll be able to recreate Marco van Basten's wonder-goal at the 1988 European Championship. You'll need a lot of help, as that's one of the greatest individual goals you'll ever see.

Van Basten was a key figure on the only Dutch team to win an international tournament. He followed that up by being a major part of the AC Milan side that won back-to-back European Cups in 1989 and '90. Those Milan teams are regarded as some of the best in history.

Injuries robbed van Basten of years at the end of his career, and he was forced to retire at 31. It's a shame because before that, he was the best striker of his generation, winning three Ballon d'Or awards.