ESPN Sunday Night Baseball: Thumbs Down

Richard Marsh@RichardMarshSenior Analyst IMay 18, 2009

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 26:  General Manager Steve Phillips (R) of the New York Mets talks during a press conference about Mike Piazza (L) October 26, 1998 in New York City. Phillips has been fired June 12, 2003 by the New York Mets after the team has languished in the bottom of the standings,15 games behind the first place Atlanta Braves.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

I have been quiet lately with regard to my New York Mets. My last articles talked about the rivalry with the Phillies and prior to that looking at the pitching staff after 10 games. I'm not one who wants to write about re-caps simply because I watch every game and frankly when they lose I don't need any reminders.

I'm going to LA Tuesday and will watch the Mets and the Dodgers Tuesday and Wednesday night on my yearly trip to LA. Look for that brilliant report on Thursday. I'm also planning an article this coming week about the first 40 games and a quarterly review on the Mets.

What brings me out of hibernation tonight is my absolute and total outrage of those fools who present themselves as knowledgeable baseball sportscasters on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

If I didn't love my 58" HD Flat Screen Plasma TV so much, I might have thrown the remote directly through Steve Phillips' head. More about that moron in a minute.

The fact that the Mets lost 2-0 and for the umpteenth time this season they sucked with the bases loaded or the fact that at times Jerry Manuel makes some of the worst moves since my little league coach use to pinch hit for me, I'm not here to discuss the merits or demerits of the game.

Let's start with Jon Miller, undoubtedly one of the great homers of all time, who still, after 20 or so years, knows not how to pronounce a name correctly. His mouthing the name Bel-TRAN sends shivers down my spine.

Miller, who is the local broadcaster for the Giants, does little or no research at all on the other teams that he does the Sunday broadcasts for. He makes more mistakes than John Madden.

Joe Morgan is a complete buffoon. He is still living in the 1970s and he doesn't understand why everybody gets excited over a five-tool player. He says there are six-tools. The mind is a tool so he says if you don't have one of the five tools you cheat yes he said cheat, by using your mind to overcome your weakness. No wonder he loves Pete Rose. Oops, did I say that?

My furor over these two idiots were ok because Howie Rose is fine for me. Probably because of an article written earlier by my friend Paul about intangibles.

I wanted to see if Steve Phillips would repeat his declaration about getting rid of Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes if the Mets blow it again. Phillips has shown a most askewed reasoning with regards to the Mets ever since he was canned.

Phillips claims that Beltran is not the "perfect" player, even though he has all the tools. He pointed out every mistake Carlos has made this year and said as a GM when it comes to $17 million a year he wasn't worth it. At least Joe Morgan was smart enough to disagree with him.

They went on with this argument as well as collectively trashing the Mets for almost the entire game. Morgan said despite the fact that the team won 11 out of 13 they were playing poorly. Phillips said the manager should jump all over the team. Again Morgan disagreed.

On and on they talked about the clubhouse, on and off the field who is the leader of the team. Phillips said they have none at all and David may become one and Carlos could never be one. I was breathing fire.

Every intelligent Met fan in the world clearly knows that Carlos Delgado is this team's leader for sure. When the middle of the fourth inning came, and the interview with Jerry took place, Joe asked him point blank who is the leader of the Mets, and Jerry said without hesitation Carlos Delgado.

For about the only time tonight, no morons were heard from as we quietly listened to dead air for a few blessed seconds.

Sunday Night Baseball or really anytime the Mets are on a national broadcast, be it ESPN or Fox they are the whipping boys of the broadcast. I just don't get it. The Yankees can do no wrong, The Red Sox are holier than thou, the Angels are just simply Angels, but the Mets are ready to enter the gates of hell.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.


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