Mets' Alex Cora Leaves Game with Thumb Injury

ed feverCorrespondent IMay 17, 2009

Just when we began to understand why Omar Minaya found it so important to sign Alex Cora, he had to leave tonight's game with a thumb injury.

Cora started the last three nights, while Jose Reyes rested his sore calf, and while he doesn't have the range or speed of Reyes, he makes up for it with solid fundamentals and leadership.

With Cora out and Reyes unavailable, the Mets were forced to use Fernando Tatis.

I'm sure if the Mets are even slightly concerned about Cora, they will be bringing up Ramon Martinezit was believed that Martinez was almost brought up when Delgado went on the DL, but the Mets chose to recall Angel Pagan.

Pagan provided outfield depth, so they could round-robin Murphy, Reed, and Tatis at first base.

Pagan has options and Martinez can play all four infield positions, he's leading the team in hitting with a .290 BA.