WWE Tells Kids: "It's O.K. To Misspell Words"

brian moserContributor IMay 18, 2009

Each week as a kid in elementary school we would be given a new list of spelling words to learn and then we would round out the week by taking the pre-test and then the test.

The cool thing about it was that if you scored 100% on the pre-test, the teacher would give you a slip to take home to your parents allowing you to skip the test.

Well apparently my mom wanted me to learn to spell because 99% of the time she still made me take the test too.

So along the way I did indeed learn how to spell.  But, like most people, my spelling has fallen victim to spell check and I don't spell as well as I once did.

Perhaps Vince McMahon or some other poor soul in the WWE has encountered the same problem.

I mean, seriously, with all the education programs the WWE has started, with dropping the rating to PG to keep and bring back families to the product.  With the get out the vote initiative, I would seriously think that the WWE would want children and adults alike to be able to spell correctly.

After all, some job, some day may require a spelling test.

But, alas, if you work for the WWE creative team, you don't need to know how to spell, you just need to teach others to misspell right along with you.

Case in point - "Judgment Day" the WWE's yearly PPV.

Year in and year out people see the various posters and logos for the show never realizing for one second that their intelligence is being diminished just by watching.

Perhaps someone took a few too many chair shots to the head.  Perhaps someone was pildriven into the mat one too many times because simply put, the only correct spelling of the word is:


Perhaps at some point, someone made a typo and no one ever caught it?  Perhaps there is already a copyright or trade mark on JUDGEMENT DAY by someone other than the WWE and they thought the way around it was to misspell the word?

I choose to believe that Vince simply hires people who can't spell and perhaps Vince himself can't spell?

Either way, all of us are less intelligent for having watched anything to do with the "Judgment Day" PPV.  

Perhaps it's time to pass judgement on the poor spelling and come up with another PPV name that's easier to spell?

You be the judge!