Full Week 3 Stat Prediction for the Pittsburgh Steelers' Offensive Players

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2013

Full Week 3 Stat Prediction for the Pittsburgh Steelers' Offensive Players

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers offense has been embarrassing, anemic and inept through the first two games of the 2013 season.

    It’s just painful to watch right now, and at this point it would be realistic to predict negative yardage for players on offense.

    Here is a full prediction of every player who may touch the football for the Steelers in Week 3 vs. the Chicago Bears.


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    Ben Roethlisberger

    25-35, 270 yards, two touchdowns, one interception


    Though I am not a fan of Todd Haley and his horrendous play-calling, Ben Roethlisberger needs to play better than he did against the Cincinnati Bengals.

    The Bears will be the best defense the team has faced to this point in the season, but I think Roethlisberger will look sharper in this game.

    The offense has just been bad, but Roethlisberger didn’t help in Week 2 by missing throws—and especially on the interception that sealed the game.

    The Steelers offense can’t look putrid three weeks in a row, can they? I predict Roethlisberger has a decent game and that the offense, at least passing, shows some kind of life.

Running Back

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    Isaac Redman

    Eight carries, 15 yards, one touchdown


    Felix Jones

    10 carries, 30 yards, three receptions, 18 yards


    Jonathan Dwyer

    Three carries, 10 yards


    The running game has just been awful so far this season, and a lot of fans would point to Le’Veon Bell's injury as the reason.

    I would argue that though Bell has more talent than the other backs on the roster, Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer should be serviceable.

    Mike Tomlin has completely messed up the running back position. And, honestly, who knows who will really get carries this week.

    At some point Tomlin needs to just stick with a guy or have a better rotation than he does now. The running game has struggled for more than a year now, so until I see something different I predict it struggles again.

Tight End

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    David Paulson

    Two receptions, 20 yards


    The Steelers tight end position has done next to nothing to this point in the season, and according to Dave Bryan of SteelersDepot.com, Heath Miller should practice fully this week.

    That being said, I don’t expect Miller back this week, and even if he did come back, I think it will take a week for him to get back into the offense.

    David Paulson has quickly unendeared himself to Steelers’ fans by being a terrible blocker and then barely getting open.

    When he finally made a big play against the Bengals, Paulson then fumbled, killing any momentum the Steelers had at the beginning of the game.

Wide Receiver

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    Antonio Brown

    Five receptions, 60 yards, one touchdown


    Emmanuel Sanders

    Seven receptions, 82 yards


    Jerricho Cotchery

    Five receptions, 50 yards, one touchdown


    Markus Wheaton

    Three receptions, 40 yards


    The receivers on this team need to start stepping up because they are not catching the ball consistently and not getting open enough.

    Bryan seems to think Markus Wheaton will become more involved in the offense. I really hope he does, but until I see it, I’m not just going to give the coaches the benefit of the doubt that they’ll actually use him.

    It may be wishful thinking that there will be two touchdown passes and both will come from the receiving corps, but I don’t see it coming from anywhere else.