Let's Bash Ryan Leaf Some More

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIMarch 30, 2017

I was just going through some classic posts from chargerfans.net and came across this one from Yuma Bolt Fan.


Worked with Ryan Leaf's ex math tutor last week!

Posted By: YumaBoltFan
Date: 8/18/2004 2:56 p.m.

I worked with a guy who told me he went to school with Ryan Leaf. He didn't even know I was a Chargers fan, I had just asked where he went to school. He said Ryan was a really nice guy, UNTIL, after the Rose Bowl when talk started about him being a number one pick possibly.

This guy said he had a small football he wanted Ryan to sign for his son. Ryan told him he didn't sign anything anymore. Then Ryan had the nerve to ask this guy if he would tutor him in Calculus that semester. The guy said no.

He said what he thought was funny was Ryan was kicked out of three bars and told NEVER to come back, and TWO GROCERY STORES ALSO! We laughed about what a (jerk) you would have to be to get permanently banned from a grocery store, let alone TWO!

Anyway, I met someone who actually knew Ryan Leaf BEFORE he became a jerk! Small world!


I wonder if Leaf is still banned from that grocery store?