NBA 2K14: 10 Things You Must Do After Purchasing the Game

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NBA 2K14: 10 Things You Must Do After Purchasing the Game
image from 2K Sports

On Oct. 1, the NBA 2K dynasty will attempt to extend its reign as the premier NBA simulation for Xbox 360 and PS3. NBA 2K14 releases on this day and from what we've seen, the franchise has a good shot at repeating.

The game will also release for the next-generation consoles in November, but that's obviously over a month away.

NBA and video game fans will still probably need to scratch their hoops itch with something in the meantime, or maybe you haven't even committed to upgrading to an Xbox One or PS4 yet.

In either case, the current-generation version will hold value. If you're grabbing a copy of NBA 2K14 on or around release day, I've got 10 things you definitely need to try within the first 48 hours the game is in your possession.

Sometimes we get locked into our favorite modes and don't give the full game a good look. You will have paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 for it, so you may as well explore every end of it.

Check it out.

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