20 Chants Every True Manchester City Fan Should Know

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20 Chants Every True Manchester City Fan Should Know
Alex Livesey/Getty Images
City fans are heard. And they travel, too.

In the 32 years since The Clash sang "the in crowd say it's cool to dig this chanting thing," chanting at English football grounds has persisted but maybe not flourished.

Not to be a spoilsport, but maybe the abatement of chanting is for the best. Europe's history vis-a-vis chanting and groupthink isn't exactly sterling to begin with.

And while we would all love to pretend that football fans have evolved, too many recent stories indicate that even supposedly urbane City fans (ahem) can trend to the tasteless and awful if given the chance.

On another site, this piece might have turned into more of a social commentary. Many of the chants I dug up in my research carry racist, homophobic or just plain old hateful overtones. A ton of them are profane, including all 37 versions of "My Old Man."

At Bleacher Report, though, we don't traffic in that sort of information. Kids read the product on this site, you know.

So here are 20 chants that every City fan ought to know—sanitized for your protection.

For the purposes of this piece, chants and songs are created equal. Whether they recite it or sing it matters not here.

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