WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff May Soon Be Finished with TNA

Joe Johnson@@JoeJohnsonREALSenior Writer IISeptember 17, 2013


Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were instrumental in taking WCW to unprecedented heights in the 1990s and triggering one of the biggest boom periods the wrestling industry has even known. The two power players, though, were unable to instill the same formula with TNA Wrestling during the last few years and may be finished with the company in the next few weeks.

According to PWInsider.com, the duo have expiring contracts this fall and, like many within TNA, their future is in jeopardy. The company took their flagship broadcast on the road this year for the first time. The expensive proposition has significantly increased TNA's overhead in the last year. According to the PWInsider article, Bischoff and Hogan were the leaders in lobbying Dixie Carter to make this costly move.

TNA has pushed expensive talents over the last few years, most notably Jeff Hardy, while retaining the services of national names like Kurt Angle, Sting and Bully Ray. The salaries of former WWE talents like Mr. Anderson, Devon, Taz and Chavo are also likely more than the majority of the original TNA names.

These names, though, are what network execs both domestically and internationally want to see. These established draws are what gets them to sign distribution contracts, but it's unclear if the presumed star power has led to any increase in ratings.

TNA seemingly didn't gain much traction in the world of pay-per-views either, shifting its strategy to just four shows a year while holding monthly TV specials. The company has made some major shifts in the last few years and hasn't appeared to see much in the way of return on investment.

The next few months heading toward the company's biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory, will be interesting behind the scenes. Who will stay? Who will go? Who will be featured? It's anybody's guess at this point.