High School Football Team Celebrates Early as Opponents Score Game-Winning TD

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffSeptember 17, 2013

Here's a perfect example of why you always play through the whistle. 

With Skyline High School of Vancouver, Wash., leading, 24-23, Columbia River High School lined up for an attempt at a game-winning kick. When the kick was blocked, Skyline players ran toward the locker room, and fans rushed the field—but the ball was never downed.

Columbia River's Reese Keller scooped it up and crossed the goal line to cap off a thrilling 29-24 victory. The game's ending will not be appealed, and Vancouver public school district athletic director Mick Hoffman added, "In general, a lot of people question the quality of officials everywhere. They got it right." 

Hat tip to Yahoo! Sports for the find.