The Road Ahead For The New Orleans Saints

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IMay 17, 2009

Personally, I think the worst thing an NFL team can have is a me-first quarterback—like Dan Marino. 

Teams with a me-first quarterback, plain and simply, don’t win.

I do believe that the reason why, is that a me-first quarterback thinks that he and only he can win the game, which in effect shows a lack of confidence in his teammates, who then don’t trust themselves, and thus make mistakes—particularly the defense.

With New Orleans, I don’t see a lack of talent, I see a lack of confidence.

Thus, my question about New Orleans is whether Drew Brees is in the same category as Dan Marino, or in the category of a leader who can win.

I think it is the division or bust in the NFC South, because I think the NFC East will have two-wild card teams. 

The Saints, when confident and driven, have the talent to win the division, and possibly even the Super Bowl.