Jason Terry to Get Brooklyn Nets-Themed Tattoo That Reads 'BK All Day'

Grant HughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistSeptember 17, 2013

When Jason Terry joins a new team, he commits.

The outspoken guard has always been a big talker, willing to spout his newfound loyalty to anyone who'll listen. But he also takes a more permanent approach by getting some fresh, team-oriented ink whenever he lands in a new locale.

According to Tim Bontemps of the New York Post, Terry will soon be getting a new tattoo to commemorate his upcoming stint with the Brooklyn Nets:

As everyone knows, this isn't the first instance of Terry inking up in support of his new team. It's actually kind of a tradition for him.

Before the 2010-11 NBA season, he added the Larry O'Brien trophy to his right biceps. It was a bold move considering the Dallas Mavericks weren't viewed as a serious contender at the time. But Terry and the Mavs went on to win a ring, proving the ink prophetic.

Having had such success in that instance, it's no wonder Terry added more body art when he joined the Boston Celtics in 2012. This one also featured a championship prediction, but it was tied directly to an iconic mascot as well.

Boston didn't have the same luck as Dallas did, dropping Terry's tattoo batting average to .500. Apparently, he's not bothered by spending the rest of his life with a historically inaccurate leprechaun on his left arm.

Terry hasn't yet revealed the location of his newest tat, but he's starting to run out of real estate on his arms. If he's hoping to show it off, he might have to opt for some riskier territory. Perhaps a face tattoo is in order.

And what might it be?

We know it'll feature the words "BK All Day," but hopefully there'll also be some art attached. Maybe a representation of Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov's face would be good. Or, perhaps he'll opt for an image of the Brooklyn Knight.

Then again, Nikola Pekovic sort of has the monopoly on tattoos of dudes in armor. And he's not a guy you want to upset.

At any rate, Terry is proving once again that he's unfailingly loyal to his team. Well, at least until the next time he gets traded.