Adam Lefkoe Raps Sports News Because He Is the Best Sportscaster in America

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 17, 2013

Adam Lefkoe has all the freshest rhymes. 

Many of you are already well acquainted with Lefkoe. However, for those of you who had no idea who this Louisville area sportscaster was, you picked one fantastic week to meet him. 

In his constant pursuit to juice up WHAS 11's broadcast, he decided to ask you fine Twitter denizens to offer up some suggestions for classic hip-hop lyrics and artists. 

Lefkoe may have 99 problems but making Louisville sports news compelling ain't one. 

Unfortunately, we may have to settle with the three wonderful editions he has already delivered, because Lefkoe may be putting these pop culture sportscasts on hiatus for a bit. 

Awful Announcing spotted this tweet from Lefkoe.

@awfulannouncing The third and possible final installment of #Sportscast. Here's #RapCast:

— Adam Lefkoe (@WHAS11Lefkoe) September 16, 2013


With that, the sports world is a darker place today. 

The fun started a couple of weeks ago when Lefkoe dropped a bunch of professional wrestling mentions into his report. He followed that up with a SeinfeldCast that remains a personal favorite. 

This time around he managed to stuff 46 mentions into the broadcast, none of which felt forced. Rather than have the sports world tire of his immense effort, Lefkoe is calling it quits.

I know I'm not alone in hoping this isn't a permanent decision but merely a respite from delivering a weekly edition of awesome to those well outside the Louisville area.  

However, if it is the end, he certainly went out on top. The sight of Lefkoe dropping his tiny little mic is the perfect way to end a brilliant run of captivating and highly entertaining sportscasts. 


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