Chiefs Fans Boycotting Arrowhead Stadium Due to Tailgating Strippers

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterSeptember 17, 2013

Image via KSHB
Image via KSHB

Ah, tailgate—the last toehold of the American Dream.

Bratwursts crackling on the grill, tall boys on ice and all those glittery busloads of strippers in the parking lot.

Yes, strippers at tailgates is becoming an issue, according to the NBC affiliate in Kansas City, Mo.  

Rick Chandler of spotted this strange story from KSHB in Kansas City, which reports that some Chiefs fans are upset with the growing presence of a local strip club at their tailgates. 

According to the report, KC Chrome, an exotic dance club in Kansas City, is setting up camp in the parking lot outside Arrowhead Stadium before Chiefs games. 

“Strippers at a ball game is just not okay with us,” said Angela Lukenbill, of Gladstone, Mo. Angela and her fiance have decided to stay home from Chiefs tailgates due to KC Chrome’s presence in the parking lot.

Granted, the strippers are fully dressed and actually tailgating.

While no stripping is occurring at the tailgate, some Chiefs fans still aren’t cool with having strippers in close proximity to their children. 

“Having strippers around family events is wrong,” said Angel. “There are places set up for them and that’s where they need to be.”

The club’s decision to show up at tailgates is in response to a new law in Missouri restricting their operations. The legislation was passed in 2010, and forbids strip clubs from staying open past midnight, serving alcohol and showing full nudity.

“We’re just trying to get the word out there,” said Heather Leinbach, one of KC Chrome’s exotic dancers. “We’re fully clothed. It’s not like we’re walking around in our heels and bikinis...we know how to act professional.”

Club owner John Seredich defends his decision to come to the parking lot, and believes people are being too judgmental.

“We’re just as normal as anyone else out here,” said Seredich. “We just want to have a good time and cheer on the team.”

Lukenbill has reportedly “reached out” to the Chiefs about the matter, and the franchise has claimed it will “look into” the matter. 


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