Kentucky Basketball: Tyler Ulis Will Show You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Vinny HardyCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2013

Tyler Ulis' arrival to Lexington could easily go unnoticed by most of the students enrolled at the University of Kentucky.

There is a chance that it could slip by the casual Kentucky Wildcats fan as well.

How on earth could this be possible?

Away from the court he doesn't appear to be a big-time college basketball prospect. At 5'8" and 150 pounds with a baby face, Ulis may look more like a younger brother coming to visit an older sibling on campus.

All of that will change when he sets foot on the court. The 4-star Marian Catholic (Chicago, IL) prospect committed to Kentucky on September 13.

There is plenty of game in his diminutive frame. 

Chris Paul is one of his favorite players and CP3's craftiness can be seen in Ulis' game. His passing prowess will be great to see because he will definitely have plenty of finishers around him.

Of course, Ulis isn't the only small point guard to come down the pipe.

Michael Adams was successful at Boston College. Earl Boykins had a good career at Eastern Michigan.

No one will ever forget Muggsy Bogues at Wake Forest.

For those of you that are too young to remember those players, you can probably recall Nate Robinson playing for Washington a few short years ago.

We haven't even gotten to Spud Webb yet.

All of them are 5'10" or shorter and have all enjoyed nice NBA careers.

Ulis won't be the first little guy to get decent minutes for Kentucky. It's been a while, but Travis Ford wore the blue and white from 1990-94, as did Brandon Stockton from 2002-06.

Both played at 5'9".

There is one more player that we have yet to mention. That player is South Carolina's 5'10" Devan Downey. 

It wasn't fun to watch, but he put on a show against Kentucky on Jan. 26, 2010. He was absolutely unstoppable and he knew it.

So did Kentucky.

It will be nice to see a small but explosive point guard in a Kentucky uniform wreaking havoc on opposing defenses.

As a member of the 5'9"-and-under fraternity myself, I'm looking forward to seeing it.