Goldust and 11 More Wrestlers Who Deserve Another WWE Run

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistSeptember 20, 2013

Goldust and 11 More Wrestlers Who Deserve Another WWE Run

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    Goldust emerged out of nowhere and brought it to Randy Orton on the Sept. 9 episode of Raw. He proved that he still has it.

    So far, though, it hasn't been enough to land a job.

    WWE is filled with mid-carders that don't garner much of a reaction. Each week, at some point, it seems that the crowd becomes disinterested and starts to chant for the announcers to entertain themselves instead.

    Maybe WWE needs to consider bringing back wrestlers who were over, or have the potential to be. That could help keep the fans more engaged. Luckily, there's quite a few former employees who deserve that opportunity.

    This is a list of wrestlers who WWE could easily bring back into the fold to make an impact. It’s not for talent who left on their own, are too old, retired or have no desire to return (Batista, John Morrison).

    Here are 12 wrestlers who deserve another run in the WWE and could help the company in a meaningful way.

Matt Morgan

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    Morgan seems to be everything that Vince McMahon looks for. He’s huge, genetically jacked and confident on the mic.

    However, McMahon let him go in 2005, and so far, he hasn’t jumped at bringing him back.

    WWE needs a new giant. Kane is 46 and understandably not as nimble as he used to be. The Big Show is 41. The Great Khali is also 41 and should have retired years ago.

    Morgan at 36 is more athletic than any of WWE’s current big men ever were. He could immediately be put into a top slot and fans would buy into it. Instead of the horribly inconsistent Ryback pushed as Heyman’s newest client, Morgan would have a fresh start. He also could play off a past history with CM Punk.

    It’s still possible that Morgan will be brought in for one more run, and it’s well deserved. He’s matured and improved as a performer since his time away from WWE, which is all you can really ask for.


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    WWE wouldn't need to build the division around Victoria, but she could still be a great asset to the company.

    Even though she’s 42, she still has a lot to offer. She proved in TNA that she hasn't lost a step. If she signed, she would immediately be the best in-ring performer in the division (with the possible exception of Natalya).

    Besides her wrestling ability, she’s shown that she can play a crazy villain well, which would make the pairing of her and AJ potentially awesome.

    Or, if Victoria came in as a face, she could put AJ over and help give her some needed in-ring credibility.

    No matter what, Victoria would at least give the Divas division something else to do besides fight over Total Divas.


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    MVP asked for his release, and it was hard to blame him at the time. But it was the way that WWE was pushing him that lead to his departure.

    After a great debut, WWE seemed like they had no idea what to do with the character.

    He had an entertaining personality and a lot of potential, but he never rose above the mid-card. MVP then went to Japan to compete and has recently returned home with improved in-ring skills.

    He's probably older than WWE would like (38), but much like Rob Van Dam, he would provide a lot of fresh matchups to the show.


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    Despite how ridiculous it may be, Goldust is one of the greatest gimmicks in WWE history.

    Dustin Rhodes was blessed and cursed with having Dusty Rhodes as a father. While he surely had more opportunities in the business, he was cast under the shadow of his dad. To create his own name, he became Goldust.

    In the mid-90s, the character debuted. It was shocking and far ahead of its time. As the years went on, he went from a creepy, perverse heel, to a bizarrely entertaining babyface.

    Dustin is the first to admit he’s had a variety of personal problems that have kept him from full-time employment. These days, though, he’s clean and looks to be in great shape. Even though he’s 44, he's worked a relatively safe, low-impact style that could keep him going strong for a few more years.

    While it's doubtful you'd see him as a pay-per-view main-eventer, Goldust could still work with younger talent to help them develop their own characters.

Stevie Richards

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    "He'll show you, you'll see!"

    If you saw Stevie Richards run in TNA as Dr. Stevie a couple years ago, then you know he’s still entertaining.

    And while he may be 41 now, he’s in phenomenal shape. The best of his career.

    There are a variety of roles that Richards could play in WWE today. He could be used as a manager to help out a tag team or singles wrestler (like he was for The Right to Censor and Kronik), or he can still be valuable as an in-ring talent.

    Even if WWE didn’t want to push him as a big act, he can still make his opponents look good.

    Instead of seeing 3MB multiple times every single week as the designated jobbers, could we at least mix it up and throw in a Stevie Richards-type now and then?

Luke Gallows

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    Poor Luke Gallows. He just can’t catch a break.

    The man is a monster (6'8") and only 29 years old. But he’s been saddled with one dead-end gimmick after another (Fake Kane, Festus and most recently D.O.C. in TNA).

    He played an important part in the Straight Edge Society and was getting over as CM Punk’s muscle. When the plug was inexplicably pulled on the group, Gallows became a jobber and was released.

    Much like Matt Morgan, Gallows could be a good big man for the company. You can imagine in a couple of years there may not be many left. He could immediately get involved in the CM Punk storyline by becoming a new client of Paul Heyman’s and further stacking the deck against Punk.

    With six hours of prime-time TV to fill each week, there has got to be some place for Gallows to wrestle.

Shelton Benjamin

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    Benjamin just was never going to be the top star that WWE had hoped for.

    That doesn't mean he couldn't still be a valuable member on the roster.

    Benjamin could always be called on to put on an entertaining match. WWE could have him help out younger talent like Fandango and Bray Wyatt improve in the ring.

    He's also shown to be an exceptional tag-team wrestler and could be paired with a variety of partners. Since Benjamin mainly gets by on his wrestling abilities, the time is running out for the 38-year-old to have another run.

    If he were hired now, though, he'd still have a few years left of great matches. WWE could do a lot worse than bringing back one of the most athletically gifted wrestlers of this generation.

Armando Alejandro Estrada

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    It’s surprising that WWE uses so few managers, as it has had some success with them in recent years.

    Paul Heyman added tremendously to CM Punk’s and Brock Lesnar’s act (Curtis Axel may be beyond help, though). Ricardo Rodriguez helped complete Alberto Del Rio’s act (though he’s a bad mix with RVD).

    It's a mixed bag, but one worth trying. With the right talent, it enhances the act.

    When Estrada left Umaga’s side, the monster became a lot less interesting. It was an odd pairing, but it worked. Fans were eager to chant along with the pronunciation of his own name, as well as his classic “Oooooooomaga.”

    After briefly becoming the ECW General Manager and Tyson Kidd’s manager for a night, he was gone.

    There are plenty of guys on the roster who could use a mouthpiece, and Estrada should be high on that list to bring back into the fold.


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    Carlito has been out of WWE for a few years now, and that is not cool.

    The 34-year-old showed so much potential in his rookie year. He displayed charisma and a confidence on the mic that is hard to come by. He never rose up the card, though, and actually faded into obscurity in his final years.

    But Carlito was over.

    If he returned, he'd be more over than his brother immediately (as a bull fighter or not), he'd be more over than Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel and, with a serious push, would be a good opponent for CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or John Cena.

    A motivated Carlito was one of the most entertaining acts in WWE. He deserves another shot on the national scene.

Chris Masters

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    If tearing down a tree with your bare hands can't get you a job back in WWE, what can?

    When "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters first joined WWE, the company had high hopes for him. He was given a long undefeated streak and made countless superstars and fans alike unable to get out of his Master Lock challenge.

    After failing a wellness test, he came back much smaller. It felt like it was all over as he was reduced to jobber status. But he suddenly became a good in-ring performer.

    To reward him for all his hard work, WWE released him and has yet to bring him back. The 30-year-old could still be a solid mid-carder heel for the company and has the potential to work his way higher up.

Colt Cabana

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    The king of the indies just can't land himself a job in WWE for some reason.

    He had a forgettable run on SmackDown from 2007 to 2009 with the lousy name of Scotty Goldman. After he was gone, it felt like it would only be a matter of time before he'd get another run.

    It still hasn't happened.

    CM Punk's infamous pipe bomb promo mentioned Cabana, and he's had multiple tryouts as a wrestler and an announcer. Nothing has been able to land him employment, though.

    You can imagine that for the majority of fans Cabana is funnier than WWE's comedy acts like Santino, Hornswoggle and The Great Khali. Maybe he's too funny—or just not horrendously unfunny enough—for Vince McMahon's taste.

Harry Smith

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    Smith showed a lack of charisma while in the WWE, but he somehow found some and turned his game around on the indies.

    Despite a solid start in the company, you knew he was doomed the moment he put on that cowboy hat.

    Since his time out of the spotlight, Smith has grown into a pretty good technical wrestler and displays the type of power that his father, The British Bulldog, had.

    He's only 29, so there are plenty years left for him to contribute to the company. If WWE still isn't sold on him as a single star, they could pair him back up with Tyson Kidd to reform the Hart Dynasty.